3 Types Of Wireless Headphones And How To Choose

Wireless headphones are a great option for listening to audio, or talking on the phone while working, jogging or cooking. There are many advantages to wireless headphones, the most obvious one being the lack of wires in your way, and increased flexibility of not being tethered to your phone, MP3 player or your TV. The first step in choosing the right wireless headphones is knowing how and where they will be used. 

Wireless headphones that are used for TV’s, are different than those used for MP3 players or phone conversations. Before shopping for headphones make sure you have the specs on the device you want to use them with to ensure they will work together seamlessly. The four basic types of wireless headphones are Bluetooth, infrared (IR) headphones, UHF and radio frequency headphones (RF headphones).

Bluetooth headphones are the new kids on the block when it comes to wireless headphone tech, and usually provide a great balance between cost and quality. These are a great option for use with mobile devices who have Bluetooth capability. The majority of TVs and radios do not have Bluetooth and won’t’ be able to connect, to be sure to check the device before purchasing them.

Infrared headphones are a great option for older TV’s or devices that aren’t equipped with built-in wireless capability. The receiver simply plugs into the headphone plug and connects to the headset. While this is a good option for older TV’s, there are serious limitations to the headphones making them a poor option for music or more complex sounds.

UHF headphones provide a much larger range of sound than Infrared headphones and can be used to listen to music without issue. This is a great option to use with older tech that doesn’t come with Bluetooth or other wireless options.

The style of the headset itself is another deciding factor when choosing a wireless headphone set. For many years wireless headphones were huge, bulky devices, but thankfully that has changed. Wireless ear buds, and small headsets are easy to find and can be much more comfortable than larger sets. So shop around before settling on a set.

Wireless headphones are a great way to listen to music, TV or radio without disturbing others in the vicinity. Thanks to new technology, finding wireless headphones for your particular use can be done relatively easily. Be sure you have a solid idea of the type of headphone you need to ensure you make the best choice possible.