AKG K550 mk2

The K550 has remained in the offer for a long time, so the company decided that if it did not want to back it up and replace it with a new one, it would have to at least be 550-modified – hence the mk2 signature. We tested the first version more than 4 years ago; The second version must face a completely different competition. For best TV headphones click here.

At first glance, the new edition is no different than the previous one (the mk2 symbol is applied to the elements of the headband). Changes affecting the sound consist in rebuilding the transducer chambers as well as the ones themselves. Transmitters have a diameter of 50 mm, so they are among the largest in this area (I mean dynamic transducers here).

The AKG K550 mk2 is a large, rounded, closed-type construction that is best suited for home use. Although one of the plugs does not exclude the headset for mobile gear, it even encourages the “mobile” impedance of the headphones, although it is hard for me to imagine someone running with such large earbuds around the city, pushing a 3-m cable on their pockets. The K550 mk2 is dominated by black, graphite, and other grays, with only fine, fine markings highlighted in a lighter color.

Shells can only be gently bent, they do not rotate freely, but no need. Flat elements of the mechanisms look decent, made of thick metal castings. The metal is also a roll construction and wide, elastic straps for adjusting – the extension of the headphones. The cushions are round and quite thick, despite the large outer diameter, the ear canal does not have any more than the need to call the earbuds.

Cable is permanently attached to one of the shells, it is 3 m long, it is terminated by a plug – hybrid (3.5 mm diameter can be screwed to 6.3 mm adapter). Impedance of the headphones is 32 Ω, it fits well with portable equipment.

The attractive box does not spill additional attractive elements: cables, remote controls, adapters … There is, except the headphones, actually nothing more. Adjusting the headband is not particularly sophisticated, but simple methods usually work great and so is the case here. Adjustments can be made with the headphones on, or even when you are moving it; The earphones will not fall, nor should they move too sharply.

Stereo labeling was applied on the mesh separating the ears from the large transducers.


AKG K550 mk2 combine good balance, along with the neutrality resulting from this, with a great variety of sounds. Many of the recordings sound culturally and subtly, but they do not close in any climate, they are able to express themselves, as well as a good filling and solid bass. Reliable – does not mean that rich. Bas has strength, follows rhythm, with contours.

The AKG K550 mk2 highs are primarily agile and clean, able to speak sharply, as long as the signal is from the recording itself, but not too much, they stick to the information layer, demonstrate good resolution, without overcharging. They handle dynamic tasks very well, they can play very loudly, keeping order. They are entertained with double pleasure – it’s easy to come to the conclusion that they play competently and reliably, but they are as good as they seem.

K550 mk2 is a closed construction; Control mechanisms and headband are made of metal parts.