ART AP-B21 – Bluetooth wireless headphones with character

ART is known for many products available on the market for many years, but in my opinion, unfortunately, it is often overlooked by potential customers. Thanks to the fact that our ART AP-B21 Bluetooth headphones were introduced to our office and that I started to be more active, I decided to check where the problem of brand popularity was.

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It is not surprising for anyone that great manufacturers sell more and that is not necessarily because their products are better. Marketing is very important here (at least to a large extent). But is not it worth giving a chance to lesser known products, or just the ones for which it is not worth overpaying? I hope this review confirms my thesis, and if it does not answer the question that is so upsetting, whether ART budget earphones are suitable for active people will replace handsets in cars or other means of transportation and whether it is worth buying.

Everyone at least a little bit of sports, including running, knows that the cables, though good because they do not consume energy in the unlike the wireless products, they like to tangle or simply stop. Such a reasoning apparently was opposed by ART engineers designing Bluetooth wireless headsets and exactly the AP-B21 model.

This product, according to the manufacturer’s offer, offers noise reduction and echo cancellation, and the ability to receive calls, as well as support for two devices so that they can be paired with two smartphones or a combination of other devices using Bluetooth 4.0 and wirelessly use them at a distance of 10 meters. In most cases this is not a problem, because the distance between the headphones and the device is mostly centimeters, not meters. Nevertheless, you can go to the garden with the headphones, leave the phone at home and use the buttons on the headphones to control the music, and in the meantime pick up the call from the aunt.

Before we go into looking at the construction of these handsets and then testing them, let’s see their specifications below.

ART headphones AP-B21 – specifications

  • Manufacturer: ART
  • Manufacturer symbol: AP-B21-S
  • Product Type: Bluetooth Earphones
  • Connector Type: BLUETOOTH
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB
  • Other features: A modern-looking headband with magnetic headset attachment
  • Other features: Can pair with 2 devices simultaneously
  • Other features: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Warranty: 24 months

In a very elegant black and red box we find the same headphones, plus a charging cable, a manual and two removable rubber headphones. We got tested for the black and red model, although the gray and black version is also available. We do not complain, because it fits with the color of the portal;)

The ART AP-B21’s headphone is a headphone on, volume control, incoming call, and small LED indicator (charging and switching on).

On the right side there is a music toggle button, pause and music playback. Minimalist, although it is probably what you need to control music without looking at what is pressed.

Headphones look very good. I do not think that their appearance gives way to products that are much more expensive. The length of the cable is also satisfactory, and the magnetic attachment of the headphones when not in use, I also consider it a plus.

For sports headphones – including Bluetooth – I’ve been approaching cautiously so far. First of all, I just started to be active again, and secondly always (at least for a long time) wireless technology in the headset, I associated with the possibility of fading sound and more battery consumption of my smartphone (or another device using BT).

Nevertheless, I decided to give wireless technology – in this case ART AP-B21 headphones – a chance because I mentioned my physical activity improved. I decided not to wait for New Year’s resolutions and for a few months I started cycling (with a small break in winter), running and walking to the gym.

The third reason for this test was the increasing need to talk in the car while traveling. I do not practice it because I consider it very dangerous (and illegal) to use the smartphone while driving. The option is either a Bluetooth headset or a hands-free kit.

Due to my current mode of life I was forced to buy two or three headphones for the above mentioned purposes, the ART product was a hit. It is time to share with you the results of the small tests.

As far as coverage is concerned, I can definitely confirm the declared 10 meters, although it should be borne in mind that sometimes there may be minor problems around 10 meters. This, however, may in part be due to the construction of the room (I tested with a laptop set at one end of the ground floor, walking up to the attic).

Working time is in my opinion good, because it was about 8-10 hours (at relatively high volume about 70-80 percent). Headphones are also charged relatively quickly, although this depends on the charging source used, whether it is a network charger or a USB port.

Comfort of use is good. When running the handset, it is not uncomfortable (mainly about the battery), although it happened that they were striking at a fast pace in the collarbone – can be considered a fault, I am not quite sure.

Phone calls also went smoothly. The tests using the iPhone 6 and Siri’s assistant were like the proverbial bread rolls. Using the built-in microphone, I was able to make a call in a voice call, and the caller heard me well. I in turn heard it also without distortion and very good quality.

Quality! This is another thing I usually fear when it comes to lesser known (in a large number of cases) manufacturers. Nevertheless, there was a pleasant surprise here as well. On the headphones I have heard every genre of music from pop, through trans, disco, to rap and metal, in the end how to test, then test;) Both low and high tones were reflected very well. I really like the juicy bass, and what I like, the bass with these headphones was not lacking.

More than I suspected, the noise of external noise was also checked. Thanks to the good work of ART engineers I was able to enjoy my music (with really loud “brewing” from the speakers in the gym) or talking on the street in the quietest environment.

I also can not complain about the placement or operation of the buttons, though sometimes (especially at the beginning) I sometimes skip to the beginning of the first song when I wanted to throw another one. After a few days of using the toes they got where they needed to be.

The ease of pairing with a smarphone or other Bluetooth device is just as important, I bet not just for me, but for every user. In the end, if anything offends us to wireless technology, we will surely reach the equivalent on the cable.

So now is the time to sum up, in which I will quickly replace the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth sports headphones ART AP-B21.

The headphones that I had the opportunity to bring to you can be recommended to sportspeople who spend a lot of time behind the wheel or regular users listening mainly to music. In general, I can say that the product I had the opportunity to look at is quite universal. Another plus for ART.

I was also surprised by the quality of the headphones and the battery life. This gives us three key qualities that are important to each of us. Looking for even budget products, I still pay attention to quality. – another plus. Ease of use is also at least satisfactory.

If I had to pinch myself, there would be no signaling of the battery charge in the headphones. I was not able to tell when the headphones were fully charged, but I doubt they would charge more than a few hours.

The manufacturer could also try to get more information about the headphones – would I be clutching too much? Maybe it’s just me, but I like to know what’s in the battery and how much they should charge.

And that’s probably it. So how do you see the pros are far more than qualities that need to be improved. All of this can be concluded with the statement “Recommended” and the award to the ART AP-B21 headphones Tech Dice editorial award. I, as well as our editorial staff, hope that this company will not rest on its laurels and will give us some time later another equally successful product.