Storm in a Teacup: Big Stereo Sound on the Go

Frisson: it’s the term that has been given to the goosebumps and shudders feeling that you get when a piece of music hits you in precisely the correct manner, leaving you speechless and euphoric. It’s a uniquely majestic feeling, and it leaves the listener hungry for more. In audiophile circles, it’s the peak of pleasure, the penultimate goal for which many a hour of studying and fiddling with complicated speaker setups is dedicated. More often than not, frisson is experienced in a dalliance with a well tuned stationary setup, as the sensation of immersion is vital to feeling that delicious rush. The only problem plaguing the aforementioned arrangement is that stationary stereos are, well, stationary. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience the pure joy of glorious sound in the setting of your choice, unhampered by a heavy tangle of wires?

It is a question to which the modern audio¬†electronics market has responded to with a resounding “Yes.” It is now possible to find many a set of headphones catering specifically to those who desire dramatic sound without the baggage. While specific components differ, here are some traits which characterize a portable yet powerful set of headphones.

In recent years, ear buds have become increasingly popular. They have obvious appeal, as ear buds are easily portable and create the illusion of more powerful sound delivery by resting closer to the eardrum. While these little devices may be of the mode, if it’s a deep audio experience you want, over the ear type speakers are still your best bet. Larger, full-size over-ear headphones allow for a greater degree of immersion and are more comfortable for long listening sessions. And if portability is a concern, have no fear: many headphone makers now carry portable over-ear models, which fold to fraction of the size for worry free storage.

Whether you’re on the street or in a car, wires are often messy and distracting, with a tendency of becoming hopelessly knotted at the least provocation. Thankfully, the recent trend towards cordless electronics has freed us from the tyranny of sloppy wires. Wireless headphones have become a frequent sighting at the electronics store, and their popularity is very much justified. These headphones even further increase your mobility, alleviating any worries you may have about surly cords. With wireless, you’re free to enjoy music as it should be enjoyed; which is to say, exactly in the way you want to.