Bluetooth handsfree alternative to headphones

Calling on the phone while driving is not permitted and is dangerous. The alternative is the Bluetooth headset and handsfree. It’s a small expenditure that definitely increases the comfort of talking. Especially interesting are the hands-free kits that are comfortable, give us great freedom and cost little.

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Bluetooth – a Scandinavian idea that has revolutionized the world

The blue tooth is not an accidental name, it comes from the nickname of the Danish king from the end of the first millennium AD. Harald Sinozębny united Denmark and Norway. The same idea led to Bluetooth technology makers who wanted to wirelessly connect phones, computers and other devices. Ericsson’s work began in 1994, followed by companies such as iBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba.

The first Bluetooth standard appeared in 1999. A few moments later the first phones and headphones with this technology appeared on the market, and in 2001 the first handsets, printers and laptops. This standard had limited range, speed, but still stood out against infrared and serial communications, the same period when the USB cable was just beginning to spread.

At the moment, Bluetooth is being implemented in a predominantly consumer electronics segment. The range is currently close to 100 meters, with the next version of 5.0 assuming a range of 240 meters and a maximum data rate of 50 Mbit / s (currently 25 Mbit / s and a mere 168 kbit / s).

Bluetooth technology, together with Wi-Fi and mobile internet, has revolutionized communications. Thanks to it, the devices can quickly connect to each other, we can send music to the speakers, transfer data, and finally conveniently and safely talk in the car with headphones and handsfree.

Handset or speakerphone?

The handsfree concept is hands-free, hands-free, hands-free. Their service during the conversation is limited to accepting and ending the call. From the very beginning of the existence of bluetooth headsets, manufacturers have also tried to implement voice dialing to minimize this.

In many cars, including those 10 years old, you can find a built-in bluetooth kit integrated with the vehicle. It is possible to answer calls using the function keys on (at) the steering wheel.

Other cars we can equip with such a set spending from several dozen to several hundred gold. Not all of these solutions have the same parameters and capabilities, but each one is capable of handling telephone conversations without having to hold the phone at the ear.

Nowadays, it is Bluetooth pledges in various forms that reign in our cars. But before they became popular it was the cheapest and easiest form of talk on the phone without using the same phone were bluetooth headsets, also present today. True, at the moment, the leading offerings are the more sporty, urban solutions for listening to music, but those for cars are not lacking. At the beginning of the 21st century they were a symbol of a businessman driving a car, but wearing them outside the car did not add prestige. Their asset is the small size and comfort of still private conversation.

So if you are traveling with a passenger in a car, then the Bluetooth headset will be a good idea because the rest of you will not hear our caller. The earphone is also directly at the ear, so audibility will be better when compared to low-cost handsets with poor speaker quality.

Likewise, the case is with a microphone, which should also better “collect” our voice than that of many Bluetooth sets. Such a handset is not always comfortable and can be a little tiring. In addition, we must remember to set it up. An asset is undoubtedly the price. We will buy the simplest solutions for a few zloty, the better is the expenditure at around 100 zlotys. It seems, however, that a better idea is to buy a hands-free kit or, if possible, look for a car with an already built-in Bluetooth.

Safe journey and comfortable conversation

The accidents caused by car driving while talking on the phone are many. Using a bluetooth headset or handsfree significantly increases security, though such a conversation can distract us. The kits are comfortable and practically maintenance free. What is important to buy a used car with a factory kit is not difficult, most models of the last ten years have such variants and do not need to overdo it. Also the cost of the set is very low, and the simplest handset is only a dozen or so gold.