Bluetooth headset? Let’s see how much it’s worth

The year 2016 in the history of mobile devices will be a mini revolution in the issue of headphone jacks, and probably each of us in the next few years will find out more or less painful. I decided in advance to prepare before the wireless revolution will be in the industry for good.

Future is wireless! Tim Cook eagerly packed the iPhone 7 EarPods with a Lightning connector and 3.5mm adapter into the box.

What are the best Bluetooth headsets for everyday use?

Well, the future will be cable-free handsets, will the standard of wired connection – from the analog Jack Jack countless years to the digital decade of the current decade – Lightning and USB Type C? Undoubtedly, both solutions will exist in parallel, however, in my opinion, the new digital input will not match the popularity of this old, universal and cross platform plug, which is 3.5 mm minijack. The drop in users’ long-term habits will have to be compensated for by some added value – such as the ability to listen to music without cables.

I am writing this text from the perspective of someone who has not had a chance to test wireless headphones before. First and foremost, because I have a reluctance to listen to large earphones, and these discreet, intrusive earphones have until recently been difficult to find in the Bluetooth version, without the strange neck straps (something that was at odds with my main requirement, ie small size).

How often do you change handsets?

My companions have actually been with me since 2011. They were inaccessible for a long time Phillipsy SHE9551, whose characteristics impressed me enough that when I accidentally trampled and destroyed, without hesitation I bought exactly the same.

These small devices are less expensive than smartphones – assuming you are a user who expects a bit more than the handset supplied with the phone. Usually we change them when they refuse to cooperate, lose themselves or … we will be forced by the manufacturer of the smartphone.

If I had owned the iPhone at the moment, I would probably have been humbly using the adapter that I had just come across. However, my worn-out and out-of-date fleas were alive, so I decided to overtake the facts and as rumors circulated that my future smartphone would be devoid of 3.5 mm mini, I decided to equip myself for the future.

As an object of interest, I chose intrusive earphones because it is a small revolution in this field, and here engineers can demonstrate their technology. After all, in the earphones there will be enough space and the battery and electronics responsible for wireless communication. However, wireless fleas are today quite spectacular display of miniaturization.

Significant to me is the size that will allow me to fold my headphones in my hand and hide them in my jacket or jacket pocket, because I use them only out of the house – in the privacy of my four corners I prefer to listen to music on stationary audio equipment. I would never buy handsets that look like big bucks because they just look strange and do not fit in my aesthetic sense.

Undoubtedly the creation of this type of monster is a transitional solution and most manufacturers will follow the direction set out by Apple, because AirPods is by far the most natural-looking and functional wireless headphones that have so far been presented.

Bluetooth headsets circulate that, to be good, they must be much more expensive than their cable counterparts and without the “thicker” cash in their wallets it makes no sense to approach the subject. As a person who does not have a headset supplied at the factory to the phone, I decided to look at what I can buy today to replace a wired headset that will not cost me a chronic “wallet pain”.

This threshold of pain in my case was the limit of 300 zlotys. And as far as I’m concerned with spending more money on audio devices, I do not want to spend more on hardware that is vulnerable to damage or loss (especially because I’m working in quite difficult conditions).

Is it enough to not buy hardware that plays like a headset?

In this price range there is not much choice of sets to suit my tastes, because the market is dominated by sports headphones, offered in brightly colored earbuds, to prevent them from falling out during exercise. The thing that caught my attention was the Lamax Beat Prime P-1 – a Czech company that you probably never heard of. First of all, their price is much lower than my assumed budget – from 160 to 200 zlotys. Second, they have an unbelievably high rating on Ceneo – 4.91 on a 5 scale scale. Honestly, for someone who changes their headphones once every 5 years and is anxious to find the equivalent of their favorite headphones, this kind of flippant feedback works hypnotizingly. I found that I would risk it, because for such money any disappointment will not be surprised.

The headphones came with a nice-looking, non-sinister case, a set of 3-piece earbuds attached to the earbuds and a short microUSB cable for charging. There is also a very short instruction manual and some neatly cut cut logos with the manufacturer’s logo.


Fungus make a very good first impression: they are metallic, cold to the touch, but also very light. They have more and more popular magnets in the segment, allowing you to attach the set to a necklace, so if you need to snap a headset temporarily, you do not have to hide it in your pocket or worry that your neck will fall or get lost.

The cable that connects the whole has been coated with a very nice and solid braid. There is a remote control unit on the cable that also houses the electronics responsible for wireless connectivity and the battery. Unlike the rest, the pilot itself does not feel good – it is plastic, with loosely embedded buttons. It also has a microphone, a status LED and a microUSB slot for recharging the battery.

Work time? The manufacturer claims to be able to listen to music for up to 5 hours. Me – on average – managed to reach the 4 hour limit, which basically met my expectations. In practice, I charge the battery twice a week. The worst part is that there is no way to check the status of the charge – the handset will only speak for almost 5 minutes before being fully discharged, which does not make sense. If we are dealing with a simple set that does not have advanced interactivity features like voice or mobile applications, I would like to be informed, for example, that the headset beeps to 50{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae} and 25{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae}, for example. Then I would know that before the next opportunity to recharge before using. When they speak to me just before unloading, the only thing left is to listen to the last song and put it in the pocket of the jacket …

Impressions of use

When you first get out on a wireless headset, it’s like breaking out of a leash! Everyone knows the feeling of pulling the earphones behind the ears in different situations, such as getting up or pulling the phone out of your pocket. All the more so when wearing them under the top clothes, just as I used to do it. Here you completely forget about it.

The short link between the two fleas, which is usually carried on the back of the head, is virtually indestructible. I do not need to get rid of this cable like Apple’s headphones and in this respect I basically consider the Lamax construction to be complete. Using the phone without a wired cable, while listening to music is naturally another next, very pleasant facility. For two weeks of use, I got used to it so that cable connection now seems abstraction and I hope I do not have to do it when I leave home.

And how to listen? First start and hear … noise. Not very loud but clear. So clear that I began to look for the cause, by testing different quality streaming in Spotify, testing on other phones and computers, ending up in touch with a manufacturer who made it clear to me that little noise is a characteristic of Bluetooth audio connections. Here I want to add that it is audible only with less dynamic tracks and with a volume below 50{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae} (fortunately it did not increase with volume). While driving, it is hard for me to catch it, so this flaw in my case does not interfere with the design of the headset. Nevertheless, for a person who uses them to listen to them in detail in the comfort of their own home, noise is a factor that disqualifies them from the very start. Going back to the volume – my level would be more than adequate, but certainly I was dealing with headphones capable of extracting more decibels.

Earlier mentioned noise is quite a large spoon in this honey barrel, because the overall impression of listening to Lamax Beat Prime P-1 was very positive, which I do not happen in the case of most of the headphones. The detailed highs, balanced center and well-marked, though not dominant bass combined with a rather broad scene give the impression of listening, like the recording studio – that is what I like. Feel here that it was applied to the alignment of the headphones and nothing was left to chance – what is the noise here?

If this is actually the case of wireless connections, then I already know why so hard this device is positioned in terms of destination for exercise – then you are listening to fast, energetic tracks so you are unable to focus and catch sound imperfections.

The Lamax Beat Prime P-1 headset comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and connects to the phone virtually without delay – after a few seconds they are ready to go. As far as range is concerned, the declared 10 meters is rather difficult to reach without making mini breaks during playback.

They also have such a whim, that even when holding the phone with you in their pockets, they can for no reason stop working with him and stop the sound. Minimal change of cable position usually improves the situation. Fortunately, this does not happen often enough to focus on this. The function of the call by the set … is. The quality of the microphone sound did not stop me from doing anything, but I did not really care about the choice of headphones.


The first experience with Bluetooth blisters caused mixed feelings for me. On the one hand, the very small size allows you to enjoy wireless audio and almost forget that you have something in your ears. On the other hand, the sound quality offered by the Lamax Beat Prime P-1 headphones does not match my expectation. Would I buy them a second time? Probably yes, but I’m considering buying second corded headphones that I will use mainly at home to be able to relax with late-night music without sleeping in the neighbors’ eyes and to be sure of the sound quality without compromising noise Whether to discharge the battery.

For today, when a reasonably priced Bluetooth headset is still worth a lot more than a wired equivalent, a set of wireless headset jacks, combined with classic home headphones, seems like a reasonable compromise.