Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Headphone Review

Bose AE2w BluetoothTo enjoy the experience of movie viewing or music on wireless devices such as iPads or smartphones it is no longer necessary to carry around wired headphones for best results. The new wireless headphone by Bose, namely Bose SoundLinke Bluetooth Headphones is now available to maximize the experience. From the many features such as easy functioning and high sound quality, this headphone gives some of the best performances that too in a long lasting period.

Where Bose easily pairs up with iPad, it is extremely convenient to connect and start video streaming and music downloading. The controls of this headphone are given on an easy, intuitive levels where one just has to place the finger and automatically the up and down function becomes obvious. The button that shows color once the device is connected to the playing equipment makes it easily identifiable as to whether the connection has been made successfully or not.

The design of Bose AE2w makes the headphone light weight, and it is also competitive in terms of design and price. The price is not too high nor too low. The value derived from the headphone is worthy enough against the price for it. It has a system that cuts off all external voices and sounds, making it a completely credible and exclusive listening experience. It even features the connectivity of two devices at the same time. The extensive range and its multiple connectivities promises flexible usage and maximum output derived from the headphone in terms of downloading, screening and using it.

The headphone even has the additional feature of the long lasting battery. Rarely are there such headphones available that offer up to 200 hours of stand by mode and 7 hours of listening experience. Additionally, the wired option is also given to support the headphone. If the battery runs out of use it can easily be used with a wire connected and the sound revamped.

Bose has an inbuilt triport technology that makes the listening experience even more pleasant as the automatic adjustment of sound brings out even the most bleak natural sounds in videos. Along with that deepest bass is also enhanced with active equalization. It even makes the process of switching from music listening or movie watching to receiving calls easier. There are not many functions that have to be followed through which the call either gets unanswered or too many rings go ahead. It is answered instantly and with ease.

For those who cannot do without high comfort level, these headphones have cushions on them to make the experience worthy for use in terms of greater number of hours. The number of hours that go through in use with the headphone often cause fatigue if the quality is poor and the eventual headphone is not designed with comfort in prime importance. The iPad range optimization makes this one a not to miss headphone with Bluetooth technology. Hardly do such headphones come in the market that are multipurpose on various levels. The brand name has good equity and following in the market already which generates positive goodwill for those who wish to stick with good brands.

Bose AE2w/SoundLink

Great value