Bose also cuts off cables, new QC35 noise reduction headphones

Finally, Bose introduced the wireless noise canceling headphones. The QC35 will replace the QC25 and will again be able to compete with the competition again. This also proves that the minijack actually goes away.

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The noise reduction in Bose headphones is a legend I checked and confirmed myself. The QC25 model, which has been on the market so far, has offered excellent noise elimination. Personally, I think that no competing product I used can not match that angle. The closest is the B & O H8, but it’s still not what Bose offers. Many times before I even bought a Bose QC25, the headphones required a wired connection and were powered by AAA batteries. Theoretically, the trip was comfortable, but 5 years ago. Today we will find a charger or power bank with a microUSB cable much faster than a store with batteries, and batteries or accumulators are an additional cost.

Bose now introduces the QC35, which, along with a wired minijack connection, also offers Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the handset also has built-in two noise-canceling microphones that allow for comfortable conversation. Instead of battery space AAA has built-in rechargeable battery and microUSB port. On one charge the handset will operate up to 20 hours with wireless music and 40 hours with wired listening. In the App Store and Google Play will also be available Bose Connect application to manage paired devices and software updates.

Bose also cuts off cables in other products. It also introduces the QuietControl 30, a noise-canceling earphones that will debut in September, and wireless sports earphones in the SoundSport, which cost $ 200.

Cutting off cables in new Bose products is of course convenience and response to competition. For almost a year I’ve been using wireless headphones. First it was Denon AH-GC20, later Samsung Level On and finally B & O H8. I sincerely admit that this is a really comfortable solution and I can not imagine returning to wired headphones today. Yes, in my pocket or bag I have wired earphones, but I use them less and less frequently. The debut of the new Bose headphones, or the recent launch of Samsung’s small, miniature in-ear headphones, shows that the end of the cables in the headphones is near and getting rid of the iPhone is a good decision.