Your go-to wireless TV headphones buying guide

Today’s headphone technology – especially wireless headphone technology – is head and shoulders above where it was even just a handful of years ago.

Today, Bluetooth wireless technology makes effortless transmission of only the highest quality audio possible, and headphone speaker technology has grown by leaps and bounds to the point now where we enjoy incredible fidelity in headphones that cost only a few hundred dollars whereas just a decade or so ago it would have cost thousands or more to get the same quality out of gigantic furniture -sized speakers.

At the same time, however, finding the best wireless TV headphones is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward a process as it could or should be. This technology is advanced enough that there are plenty of companies getting into the mix, and all of them promised to offer the best experience possible at the best possible prices.

To better help you navigate all of these options, we’ve put together this quick buying guide to help you out!

What kind of wireless TV headphones are you looking for in the first place?

The first thing that you will have to figure out is whether or not you want to purchase wireless TV headphones that take advantage of Bluetooth technology, infrared technology, or Wi-Fi technology to provide you with the sound that you are looking for.

Bluetooth technology is by far the industry standard, and for good reason. Bluetooth technology works with a myriad of different devices, and you can use your Bluetooth enabled the receiver to send sound from your TV to speakers and even to portable devices like smart phones and tablets all at the same time without any difficulty whatsoever.

Transmitter based technology, including infrared and Wi-Fi technology, however, is also becoming very popular these days. That’s because it splits away from Bluetooth, allows your devices to connect to multiple devices without tying up Bluetooth connections, and over a short distance can provide even better fidelity. This is something you have to really look at before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

Comfort is king

You’re also going to need to figure out what kind of wireless TV headphones you want from a comfort standpoint.

Over the ear headphones are probably the most popular these days, just because they can be comfortably worn for an hour or more on end without pinching your head or making you feel uncomfortable.

In-earphones, however, are becoming popular as well, as are earbuds, on the ear headphones, and other options that are available on the market today. It really depends on what you can tolerate as far as comfort is concerned and how long you intend to use these during one TV watching session.

Sound quality is also essential

It used to be that you’d only get authentic sound reproduction from headphones and speakers that cost almost as much as a used vehicle, but today nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, the slightly more expensive wireless TV headphones from some of the biggest brands in the industry are going to produce higher quality sound than most of the budget focused options, but this isn’t always the case. On top of that, you have to take into account your own hearing, your own preferences, and your own tastes when it comes to choosing a set and their sound quality to determine whether or not they are right for you.

Rechargeable or replaceable batteries?

Some wireless headphones out there are going to include replaceable batteries, but these are definitely falling by the wayside more and more as time goes on. Rechargeable batteries are going to work the same way that your smart phone, your tablet, and most of your other electronics – though you run some risks there, as well.

If the batteries died later down the line, for example, it’s not as easy as just popping out the batteries and putting in brand-new ones. Rechargeable units will have to be replaced completely. This is something to consider.

Can you use these TV headphones with other electronic devices?

At the end of the day, you probably don’t want to purchase wireless TV headphones that are ONLY going to work your television or your receiver. Headphones should be versatile and able to work with any of your other devices, especially your phone, and you’ll want to make sure that you get to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of wireless earphones if you’re making a sizable investment in them.

Closing thoughts – wireless headphones for TV

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what you’re getting into when it comes time to order headphones.

Take advantage of all the tips and tricks we’ve been able to share with you with this quick guide and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting your hands on only the very best wireless headphones for TV options on the market today. There are plenty of options to select from, and we know finding the best ones for you can be tough. With the insider information, we can share with you, though, the process gets a lot easier!