Headphones that you always wanted to have. But you were afraid to ask how much they cost

Intrusive earphones (also called earphones) are unlikely to associate with the product for demanding music lovers (audiophiles). Meanwhile, not only is the Sennheiser IE800 model equipped with a miniature XWB transducer (now the smallest full-band transducer available in dynamic headphones), we still have a two-chamber absorber solving the 7-8 kHz overlap (the so-called masking effect often encountered). In miniature headphones).

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Here is a brief summary of the properties of this model:

  • Sennheiser XWB (Extra Wide Band) 7 mm (the smallest full-band transducer currently available in dynamic headphones);
  • Operation without distortion even at high sound pressure levels;
  • The special precision magnetized ventilation system reduces THD to less than 0.06{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae};
  • Innovative system for absorbing undesirable frequencies that get from the outside to the ear canal and suppress higher frequencies from the headphones;
  • Comfortable use: the casing is made of skin-friendly ceramic material, the earbuds are non-allergic and come in many shapes: oval (size SM and ML) and round (size S, M and L);
  • Special mesh protects the transducer against soiling of the ear;
  • Leather case included;
  • 2 year warranty;
  • Product developed, manufactured and tested in Germany;
  • Frequency response: 8 – 41000 Hz (-3dB), 5 – 46500 Hz (-10dB);
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.06{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae};
  • Weight: 8 g.

Presented at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the IE 800 earphones won the Best of Innovations 2013 award.