Headphones that are useful to us in our daily lives, and also in sports

Today I would like to present to you Puro Sport Stereo, or earphone headphones, which are mainly aimed at people who practice sports. Earphones I received some time ago from Amazon, so it’s time to write a few words about them.

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Inside the box, in addition to the headphones alone is nothing more. There is no adapter here, no eraser on the headphones – absolutely nothing.

Production quality

The Puro Sport Stereo is made entirely of plastic. Headphones, as seen on the pictures, have a special handle for hooking behind the ear.

With the handset grip they hold up quite rigidly, so you can easily run, practice or ride a bike. Headphones will not fall off your ear.

The Puro Sport Stereo also features a microphone so you can use them as a headset for your iPhone and other smartphones.

Headphones also have a remote control that allows us to receive an incoming call, change a song while listening to music, or launch Siri quickly during the exercise.

13.6 mm diameter diaphragms will provide fairly average sound quality. There are not too many bass or too many sopranos here. The Puro Sport Stereo plays just like most handsets in this price range.

Headphones Features:

Frequency response – 20Hz-20 kHz
Diaphragms (diameter) – 13.6 mm
Headset type – in-ear
Microphone – yes
Connector – 3.5 mm jack
Cable length: 105 cm

Are we recommending them? Yes. I think that for the money nothing better buy.