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For talking on a cell phone while driving may cause high mandate. And rightly so, because it is a very dangerous and life exposes not only the callers, but also other road users. Especially now, during the winter, where roads are often worse condition.

Therefore, if you have to call or receive a cell phone while driving, you should obtain a special headset or handsfree Bluetooth. For the device usually pay little more than a mandate. Przestowaliƛmy easy to install hands-free kits, and we have examined how to prove themselves in practice.

Most hands-free kits can be quickly mounted on the sun visor

Good to know:

Not all mobile phones support advanced features hands-free kits
cost hands-free device is not much larger than a ticket for talking on a cell phone while driving
Are hands-free function in the cell can replace an extra set?

Almost every new mobile phone is equipped with a speakerphone function. Unfortunately, usually we do not check it like we want to. In the car, there is usually noise and a small speaker built into the phone does not allow for comfortable conversation.

Another possibility to talk while driving under the laws of a headset. However, in this case mostly we reminded of it, as we have someone to call us. Then the nervous searching headphones and donning her while driving may create additional danger on the road.

What opportunities have hands-free kits?

First of all, they allow free conversation on a cell phone without taking your hands. Built-in device speakers are much stronger than in the cell and a voice is heard from them even when noise reigning in the car during the drive. With autoparowania, which is available even in lower-cost devices, the connection with the cell occurs automatically when you turn on the set.

Just before pair your phone with a set, which is not too complicated. The cheapest kits allow you usually only receive, reject and end calls and allow you to call the last number dialed. In more advanced devices we can find further support for the cell phone book, voice functions and voice recognition systems and the display, which informs us, among other things about who is calling us.

The speakerphone does not have to be a separate device. The speakerphone function and Bluetooth are also equipped with some car stereos (for example, the Sony MEX-BT3700U) and satellite navigation (bottom – Navigon 8410)

Does each cell will work hands-free?

The basic condition for cooperation with the hands-free service is on the phone and Bluetooth respective profiles. For most low-cost cells you can use only the basic functions of the system.

A more advanced (using the phone book or music player cell) require support from the phone less popular Bluetooth profiles. Therefore, before you decide to purchase the hands-free kit, check to see if our phone supports the profiles used by the device. The list of supported profiles can find both on the phone manufacturer, as well as a hands-free device.

Bluetooth profiles:

HSP (Headset Profile) / HFP (Hands-Free Profile) – basic Bluetooth profiles that allow the transmission of sound between two compatible devices, such as cell and Bluetooth headset
PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) – enables the exchange of phone book data between devices, such as cell and handsfree
OPP (Object Push Profile) – a general profile of data exchange in the form of objects between devices, among other things, allows you to transfer cards
A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) – compliance with this profile enables streaming stereo audio
AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) – allows for remote control of audio-visual, such as a media player in the cell