How to choose a Bluetooth hands-free car and telephone?

Together or not?
The first thing is definitely either on CD – that is set with all the elements in the case – or a set of separate speakers. The second option is recommended if you have a car speaker of the medium – or simply poor – quality. You can also purchase a Bluetooth handsfree with or without a screen. Here we recommend selecting a model with a touch screen that admittedly costs more, but significantly streamlines and simplifies operation of the machine. It is also worth noting that you can buy a set of Bluetooth in the car with the option to connect two phones. This is particularly useful when the car ride two people, or we have two phones available.

Phone connection
The most popular – and incoming automatically think of a solution on a call with the phone – is, of course, Bluetooth. It is also the most convenient solution, eliminating the need for hooking up devices with the cable. With Bluetooth handsfree phone only requires pairing – and ready. This is not always possible for older phones that do not have a handle that kind of data. When you select a speakerphone, and you have a camera, make sure that it will be able to communicate in this way. If you have a new smartphone – it certainly will not be any problems.

Cheaper or more expensive?
Is the price for handsfree in the car is important? Of course. The simplest models are very cheap, but do not offer anything beyond the ordinary receiving calls. More complicated allow not only for this but also support the phone book, voice commands, and others, such as noise reduction and echo cancellation, FM transmitter and player support mp3 files. If you want to have a full comfort, then you should invest in a more expensive car kit.

Handsfree Parrot
Handsfree Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD is one of the many interesting and worthy of recommending handsfree this manufacturer. You can purchase it in the price range of 80-100 USD. What we get in return for this money? The ability to connect two devices, voice control, high-quality HD sound with noise reduction and free application for Android and iOS. It allows you to automatically send a reply SMS in case of rejection of an incoming call or SMS messages received while driving, and in the case of iOS, you can register your own message, you will hear the caller when you reject a call using the speakerphone. Other advantages of this feature text to speech, finding the car, and automatic phonebook synchronization.

Nokia Speakerphone
Handsfree Nokia CK-100 will cost approx. $ 80. It has a built-in digital signal processing and noise cancellation, which ensures high quality sound while driving. Handy Click Wheel allows easy operation from behind the wheel, we also receive a status indicator with colored LEDs (blue, green and red). There is no lack voice dialing and mute your car radio when someone calls. In addition, set enables streaming music.

Handsfree Samsung
Handsfree Samsung HF1000 is one of the simpler and cheaper solutions (price of 30-70 USD). This compact can connect to two phones simultaneously, and next to the basic function of receiving a call, it features also options to mute or reject the call, and technology, reducing noise and echo.

Handsfree Jabra
Handsfree Jabra Drive costs approx. 70 USD.Gdy phone call comes, you can use special control buttons to answer them directly from the set. The noise reduction function removes all the sounds of traffic and provides crisp, clear sound during calls. It also allows the transmission of GPS guidance, music and podcasts.

Of course, should be updated and checked periodically test hands-free kits. Many of these statements is shown on the pages dedicated to automotive and telecommunications. If you have found the right one for you, also check that the handsfree car reviews on a network – user experience is invaluable and will allow you to better see the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. The hands-free car is not a big expense, and because it greatly facilitates everyday driving, you should think about his purchase!