Loudspeeker system

Talking on the phone while driving may be unpleasant consequences, such as the mandate, and in the worst case – an accident. To reduce the risk, you should equip your car with a good speakerphone. In this article you will learn what to look choosing the best accessories.

There are several types of hands-free kits – some of them consist of only one element or have a separate speaker to replace one with the car dashboard. Some models do not have a screen, which slightly reduces the possibility of the set, but affects the lower price. It is much easier to support the speakerphone comes with a large touch screen.

Some models allow for hands-free connection of two phones, which is useful when you use the office phone and personal.

What functions should be equipped with a speakerphone?

Cheap car kits usually offer poor sound quality, while the more expensive models, the manufacturers are focused on improving this parameter. A very useful feature is the reduction of echo and noise, allowing for a much better sound.

Many people forget about it, to turn on the system after entering the car, because a very important option is automatic switching system. Immediately after the ignition key, set connects to your phone. If there is a connection, we will hear the caller’s voice from the speakers.

How good handsfree communicates with a smartphone?

The most common solution is to connect the phone to the kit via Bluetooth. Most of the phones (even older ones) offers Bluetooth connectivity and allows for a very simple pairing with the speakerphone.

Other technologies are of marginal importance. Bluetooth technology can cause problems if you buy a new smartphone and you’ll want to pair it with several years of device. They do not always want to cooperate.

Place of installation handsfree

The ideal place to mount kit is a sun visor or dashboard of the car. From the point of convenience, it is important that the set can be installed without removing the plastics and soffits. Some models offer plenty of hands-free options, but their mounting is very difficult.

Cost-effective solution that allows you to very quickly connect your phone to a Bluetooth headset, the radio kit. When the equipment detects a phone call, the radio automatically mutes itself and you can talk to the person who called us. This set does not take up extra space.

Cheap speakerphone – what options?

At a price of about 100 – 200 gold, you can buy a good speakerphone, which can be easily connected to the phone. In this range, you will also find equipment from reputable companies such as Nokia, which will not have too many options, but offer long duration of action. Cheap hands-free kits can be used both in the car and in the office, you do not want to hold the phone in your hand during other activities.

More expensive hands-free kits – what do they offer?

Choosing more expensive speakerphone, you gain a lot of benefits.

All of the higher price are made much better than those cheap, which translates into durability. A very useful feature two microphones, which allow you to get better sound quality. Some models offer playback of guidance as to the direction of travel of satellite navigation.

A useful option is a noise reduction sound and microphone mute one click. Cheap models hands-free kits are usually characterized by poor sound quality, while the more expensive ones do not have a problem with it. This significantly improves the conflict flowing conversation during the drive.

If you are wondering at the same time over the purchase of the FM transmitter and a handsfree a good choice to buy one device that connect these functions. The FM transmitter allows you to play music from your phone directly to the car speakers.

Another important factor is the time of action set on a single battery charge. The best models allow approximately 20 hours of continuous talk time and keep a long standby time.