Ranking Bluetooth 10 handheld sets

Bluetooth handsfree car kits that are easy to remove and take with you? Meaningful and affordable solution to safely use your phone in the car. We selected 10 of the most interesting and most original proposals

Bluetooth in the car?

Solving the problem of safe use of phone while driving. And in what form? This can be an expensive hands-free kit installed on a permanent basis, an expensive car radio with built-in Bluetooth or inexpensive handset. There is also a sensible compromise between the already mentioned devices: portable handsfree. Favorite vehicle fleets.

Speakerphone, which you can always take with you

As the name suggests: portable equipment, which means that it is easy to move from car to car – what appreciate especially users car fleet. And last but not least: much easier to use and cheaper than a traditional handset. You do not need it all the time to keep in the ear (in the end: how long can you?), And the caller can hear better with a larger speaker. So can also check in your home or office (desk): at least you do not have to hold the phone to your ear. Especially convenient for those who do a lot of talking.

Bluetooth cheap or expensive?

Branded or simply Chinese? Contrary to appearances, is not easy to answer questions. In traditional stores and on websites is not difficult to find equipment that was extremely original names, which usually connects the country of origin: China. Of course, the origin of China does not mean that you choose junk. Well-known companies also outsource production in China and the equipment works very well. Nevertheless suspiciously low price should give a thought to. Maybe it spared on the quality of components, warranty terms and modern solutions. And that means different problems: lack of support, the problem of evaporation, rapid battery depletion or poor call quality. To what, then pay attention to?

Bluetooth: it is not only the company and the price

One breath can be mentioned: the sound quality, the length of the work without the need to recharge your batteries, how to install the additional equipment (display, mounting brackets, power supplies 12V and 230V). But it has also sound quality and maximum volume, there was a chance to hear the caller in a worse muted car. But of course it does not matter if our phone does not connect to the headset. And we can be confident? Best to check before buying a copy of the store and try to pair.

10 sets of Bluetooth: the beginning

For this year’s ranking chose 10 sets of hands-free. Although the prices of some of them are very high (eg. Seecode), we mention them among because of the interesting and unusual solutions. Of course, it’s only 10 devices.

The stores there are many more (even maple solutions: speakerphone with built-in earpiece). The selected 10 but a good start, because the topic Bluetooth back more than once.