Music Stars: Headphones Test

No matter if we are looking for relaxation in the metro on the way to work, whether we need music doping in the gym or just in the evening we want to relax on the couch – on the following pages we find headphones suitable for every application and every pocket, because genius products for beginners can already buy For $10.

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Raw test procedures also reveal models that are too expensive for what they offer, because unless in any other product group, the price-to-quality category does not contain as many surprises.

Variety of types

Whether expensive or cheap: we have a full palette of forms and equipment to choose from – are we looking for a small earphone or a classic bow model? Do they have to be huge, or do they have to occupy as little space in their luggage as possible? Should the music pass through the cable, or is it a Bluetooth model? If we answer this question before buying, we will soon find a suitable companion.

Undervalued jackets

Perhaps the most underrated type of headphones are earbuds. The reason for their poor reputation are the average quality (at best) smartphones.

However, there are definitely better models which, in terms of sound quality, play in the same league as big headphones. In addition to this, especially in the class of earphones, there are plenty of models with excellent value for money, especially since small models do not require large amounts of material. The best example of this is the small RP-HJE125 for just $10.

Small earphones have to fit perfectly in the ears of the owner – no other type of bad fit is as voracious as the poor quality. In the end, the studs must properly seal the ear canals so that low tones can not escape. That is why manufacturers add headphones to the headphones in different sizes. Before you buy, the customer should try to find the best variant for you.

With headband: big and small

If the earbuds are too small for us or the headphones in our ears to interfere, then a wide selection of alternative models will be found in the bow segment.

For mobile applications, compact models are particularly suitable for the lining of the ears. They may not look as spectacular as big round models, but it’s easier to find a place for them in their luggage. Compact design does not have to compromise on sound quality – good proof of that is the great Beyerdynamic DTX 350m headphones.

Many users are receiving full-size models around the neck as being more comfortable because they do not squeeze the ears. On the other hand, people wearing sunglasses may have to complain when the lining rings push against the temples or they creak uneasily. That is why it is important to think about testing before you buy.

Bluetooth versus tangle of cables

All types of headphones are also available in wireless variants. The earbuds or round-shaped models have a lot of space in the shells for the electronics and the battery, but thanks to the progressive miniaturization they are also present in the earbuds. Unwind with freedom of movement cables, such as athletes who would like to enjoy music during their workout.

The tiny earphone batteries withstand only three to four hours of playback, so the Marathoners have to hurry, but the JBL headphones, developed in cooperation with the Under Armor sportswear manufacturer, have surpassed the overtime test of over ten hours.

The Bluetooth headset has enough space for a bigger battery, and just like the Sony MDR-ZX330BT, they can play up to 40 hours on a single charge. It’s long enough even for a very long flight for a break without a load break.

And which to talk?

Most of the tested handsets with the microphone feature work well with smartphones. Small cable microphones and a call accept button work with both android phones and Apple products.

But the volume buttons are different: depending on the model they are adapted for either Android or Apple. Exceptions are Bluetooth headsets: their operating keys operate independently of the operating system. Both AKG N20 earphones with a tiny switch for the smartphone type are brilliant for the smartphones.

In total, we will find 20 models of current models of all classes in this test and we will certainly choose the right model for our needs.

So we tested it

Good sound is not a matter of taste. The test uses precision measuring devices and a soundproof chamber.

The quality of the headphone sound can be determined objectively only through a series of measurements and listening tests. Is low or high tones too low? Do headphones distort the sound? Such errors in the test detect an artificial head. BrĂ¼el & Kjaer BK4128 has an imitation ear with microphones at the eardrum. AP2700 and APx585 generators and analyzers from Audio Precision are connected to them.

To exclude obstructing noises from the outside, measurements are made in a sound proof test chamber. The study complements the series of listening tests conducted by experienced experts.

This way of testing excludes a situation in which a person’s tastes would affect the test result. A fixed assessment of listening tests may deviate completely from the assessment for the measured values, only the combination of both evaluations gives a meaningful test score.


Gigantic headphones are hard to find, but for the consumer this has the added advantage: there are models to suit every application and every taste and wallet. The economical ones will enjoy the sensationally good Panasonic RP-HJE125 headphones. If the headphones have good sound and precision, then the AKG N20 is worth considering. However, athletes who are not comfortable with the restraining motion of the cables may look at the Powerbeats, either inexpensively or confidently in the ears of the Yurbuds. The Beyerdynamic DTX 350m earbuds are a great value for money ($45). Other models cost at least twice as much.