Overhead v. On-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Which Is Better?

The 21st century has not only been dubbed the technologically advanced era, but it is also the busiest and most stressful time for society.  Due to this ‘go, go, go’ attitude, many people are unable to take time out in order to enjoy music or make phone calls to friends.  Instead, we now use headphones and mobile devices to complete these tasks while carrying on with other stressful events.  Companies have developed various types of headphones to suit different lifestyles and the suitability of the headphone is based on your situation.  This article discusses the different styles and compares them so that you can decide which is best for your needs.

1. The on-the-ear Bluetooth headphone

The on-the-ear Bluetooth headphone is a design that requires you to place the headphone over the ear opening.  It uses a clip or fitting of the earphone buds to the opening and presents with a very sleek appearance.  This type of headphone is generally used by people who are taking and making calls while completing other activities that they would like to continue doing, e.g. shopping or exercising.  The Bluetooth technology will allow for connectivity at several meters from the source and does not interfere with any activity you are completing.  Finally, this headphone is far less noticeable than the overhead option and is not distracting to either you or others.

2. The overhead headphone

The overhead headphone is also able to utilize Bluetooth technology; therefore they too do not require any wires.  The one difference between on-the-ear headphones and overhead headphones is that the latter are placed atop the head instead of in the ear.  This is done using a form of fastening band, the style varying from a slim metal option to wide foam dependent on the make.  The sound is emitted from the large earmuff that covers the ear area, and when not in use the headphone can be placed in a cradle.  It should be noted that this device can also function as desktop speakers.

It is recommended that you purchase this type of headphone if you are interested in high quality surround sound and noise cancelling capabilities.  The overhead option is generally used by video or audio editors, recording artists, gamers and film watchers.  While it is very bulking, it is far more functional than the on-the-ear option and provides more superior quality sound.

Final words on the matter

As can be seen there are various differences between these two types of headphones and to find the perfect one you must be aware of what your specific needs are.