OVEVO Q8 – Bluetooth Headset Test

Cell phones have so much entered our lives that it is hard to part with them. Unfortunately, using a phone while driving is not only a matter of being exposed to a mandate but – even more importantly – a real security threat. In order to keep in touch with loved ones while traveling in the car, we can use the Bluetooth headset. The solution known in the market for years now has taken on a new, surprising form. Simple, minimalist USB charger, which has a comfortable to use the handset for talking.

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Enjoy our OVEVO Q8 test, combining cleverly two functions – the charger and the Bluetooth headset.

Strength in simplicity

In a compact package we find a manual, a compact Bluetooth headset, a car charger that is also a base for the handset, and three interchangeable erasers to fit the device to the shape of our ear.

The OVEVO Q8 handset is very handy – weighs just 23 grams. It allows for a conversation lasting up to 1.5 hours on a single charge, which – interestingly – lasts as much as any conversation. In other words, by charging the device for 90 minutes, we can accurately lead the phone over the same amount of time.

The OVEVO Q8 is made of aluminum, which not only looks good, but also looks good. There is very little plastic here – only the button on the handset and a part of the charger entering the cigarette lighter in the car. The handset in the charging base is held firmly and firmly by the built-in magnet. It also makes it easy to hit one another – the principle of operation will definitely understand the owners of the MacBook, where the cable from the charger also has a built-in magnet and thus keeps the computer better.

We will connect the headset to any Android or iOS-based phone with Bluetooth 4.0. No additional applications are required.

How does it work in practice?

We had no problem with the installation of the device. Once removed from the package, simply insert the OVEVO Q8 into the cigarette lighter socket and connect the handset to your smartphone using Bluetooth. I’m ready! No additional configuration or calibration is required.

Operation of the OVEVO Q8 is straightforward. Just to pick up the call, you just “lift” the handset from the charger and put it in our ear. If Q8 is already in the ear when the new call arrives, we will answer it by pressing the button on the handset. Termination of the conversation is done analogously by putting the charger into the lighter socket. The USB connector on the side allows you to charge an external device, such as a smartphone or tablet, at the same time.

The quality of the sound is surprisingly good, especially considering the small size and the low price. There is really nothing to fault with, as the caller hears just as well as what the headset attached to the iPhone we tested OVEVO Q8. In addition, by pairing the handset with Apple, we will inform you about the battery status of your wireless device.

A very useful function is to automatically turn the device on and off. Just turn on the car and OVEVO Q8 will start and pause with your phone via Bluetooth. When we get to the place and turn off the engine, the handset will go out without us, which will save its battery … and the battery of our car. Of course, during the conversation we do not have to stop it when we get to the place – even when we leave the car, the handset will continue to work and allow us to finish the conversation outside the car.

Ovevo Q8 – rating

Although I’m not a big fan of Bluetooth headphones, the OVEVO Q8 captivates me. The device I associate with merchants who spend whole days in a car now has gained in my eyes the charm and has become the object of desire for gadget lovers and minimalism at the same time. Simple idea, good performance, compact size and practicality in everyday use made OVEVO Q8 permanent in our Swine. For this really low price … This makes the OVEVO Q8 a great way to safely keep a call on the drivers in the car, avoiding the danger and mandate for which – nota bene – we pay more than the device itself. I recommend!