Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD – Bluetooth handsfree with voice control

Since its inception, Parrot has been known for its high quality products. Most probably associate it with drones, but this is not the only assortment of them. One of the more interesting devices is the MINIKT Neo 2 HD Car Speakerphone, which is based on Bluetooth technology with voice control and HD quality.

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Design and construction

Parrot MINIKT Neo 2 HD is made of high quality plastic with high durability and has a very interesting elegant design. The whole thing resembles a big clip, which we attach to the window cover. There are four color variants – blue, black, red and green accents. The large and flat part is the loudspeaker, and the sensitive microphone is on the bend. The switch connected to the charge status check button is located on the left side of the device and the right charging port (via USB). In the central place we have a knob that allows us to navigate the voice menu and to adjust the volume. On the sides of the dial there are buttons to answer or reject the call. They are labeled with intuitive colors – green and red.

Quality of conversations

Parrot MINIKT Neo 2 HD is probably one of the best of its kind. The speaker guarantees a really good conversation quality – the microphone is also high class. The person we are talking to is not able to recognize whether we are talking on the phone or set. It removes ambient noise and captures every word very well. As I wrote before using the dial during a conversation, we can adjust the volume of the device.

The quality of the whole system corresponds to the weight of different solutions such as 3W speaker, omnidirectional microphone, Parrot NR3 and Full duplex noise reduction. All this makes the conversations conducted by the MINIKT Neo 2 HD a real pleasure.

Talk time and standby time

The MINIKT Neo 2 HD comes with a 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The device allows 10 hours of talk time and in standby mode it can last up to 6 months. With my use, it’s enough to charge him every week – I think it’s a decent result. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer adds to us a sleek USB car charger and over a meter cable. Full charge is approximately 3 hours.


Operation is very simple – the knob is responsible for navigating the menu, the green and red buttons accept or cancel the operation. MINIKT Neo 2 HD tells us which options we choose. An interesting feature is the function called “magic words” and voice control functions. Magical words are responsible for voice rejection or to answer a call – the phone rings and the device informs us of the incoming call, then we say “answer” or “reject”. By pairing the phone with the device, we send a list of contacts to it – so without the use of a hand, we can select the call and start the call. Just say “MINIKIT” and the device will ask us who we would like to call. The system really works and it is very precise.

An additional advantage is the application for iOS and Android, which allows you to configure the device by our phone. With the program we get additional possibilities – we can for example set “driving time” (the device reminds us that we should take a break). The application will also make it easier for us to find the car in the car park – when we lose the Bluetooth range via the GPS on the phone, it saves our location. The kit can also be used as a regular speaker – we can let go of the music while driving from our smartphone.

The ideal solution is the Dual Parrot mode, thanks to which we can connect two different phones (such as a passenger phone) with our kit and at the same time.


Parrot MINIKT Neo 2 HD is a hardware that just works. It is hard to pinpoint any disadvantages – it fulfills its task 100{fddd2cdff16c35e3a95527bae5554a60c7f37e601ec0181f1ceb9e0afc76d4ae}. Very aesthetic design and good quality materials puts this product in the forefront. Personally, it accompanies me on every journey and its mobility makes it possible for me to mount it to another car. On school scale, he gets a “five with a plus”.

Another nice touch is the set with attached car holder on the phone – Parrot Windframe. Hold the handle in the grille of the air. It keeps very stable, and the rubberized elements do not scratch our smartphone. As the manufacturer writes – we can insert all phones and devices with a width not exceeding 5 inches in the holder.