Sennheiser RS120 Review

Sennheiser RS120For detailed, warm sound reproduction lovers, there cannot be a better headphone designed than a Sennheiser make of RS120 On-Ear 926MHz which is a wireless RF Headphone with charging cradle. Apart from being amazingly priced and affordable, what other features and benefits that this model daunts and carves its fine edges are listed below. In the meanwhile, simply stay rest assured that this particular headphone is a no miss piece at all as it is multipurpose, multi functional and very attractive in terms of design.

A very strong bass, nicely impresses those who look for deep sounds and mean to experience each and every aspect of what’s coming on the television or in the movie. From the farthest and slightest sounds to the roars and thunders, this model of Sennheiser is a treat for detail oriented movie lovers. And what’s more, the range is super distinctive, which basically lets the headphones work through walls and doors too. What more could a person on toes all the time ask for, it’s like not missing any moment, completing chores and getting no complaints at the end of the day.

The design of the headphone is a height of 5.5 inches and length of 12.25 inches which means a fairly sized headphone that is extremely comfortable to carry around. The weight is 0.51 pounds, who would even feel that much weight, yes a tad bit would be felt but moving back a couple of years and comparing headphones weights this is definitely a plus point. Quite comfortable design wise and light weight, can be worn at a stretch without feeling the need to pull off and relax ears. Though getting it off and having some fresh air would be nice but the headphones and the experience can surely prove to be addictive.

What’s more with these headphones, the company brings them on in a price that makes it easy to buy by majority of the people. The quality that is delivered in the given price is value worthy and the headphones last for long number of years. These years there might be some more models that would entice buying behavior, but generally the need to buy since one pair is of no use does not apply to this model.

Moreover, the charging cradle is a highlight that needs some attention. Its portability can be exaggerated as the charging cradle is unique, completely portable and can charge the headphones while it is hanging or stored away. So no extra wires or accessories required, just where it is stored the charging keeps taking place and half the job is done to complete the task. Most places the warranty is given for two years. This warranty is a great way to see just as much the headphones go along and deliver its excellent performance.For most of the modern music such as pop, rock and other bass based music these headphones are just the right choice. Even for many tv applications these headphones prove to be some of the best ones that a person can opt for.

Sennheiser RS120

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