Sennheiser RS185 Review – Digital System

Sennheiser RS180

Users of wireless headphones know exactly what to expect out of an extra leveraging, classic design and feature headphone. Sennheiser RS 180/185 is yet another model out of the Sennheiser family that proves the lot knows what they’re making. Though some claim it is pricier than other similar headphones, but once the features are listed the price simply gets worth the digits. RS 185 is a Kleer carrier that features wireless technology which is great for usage required for a lengthy number of hours.

Let’s analyse the key features of RS185 point by point for easier decision making of buying the product:

Attractive and sleek design

The design of this headphone is sleek, unlike other wireless headphones it does not look bulky and heavy to carry around. It can easily be worn and multiple tasks can be performed without the extra carrying off feeling. To make the design even more attractive, Sennheiser has designed RS 185 in metallic silver color finishing it off with grey tinges and giving a tough, unbreakable look to it.

Added comfort level

With the excessive use of headphones, it was reported that many users had different sorts of ear aches either on the inside or behind the ears where pressure was exerted on a continuous basis. To add comfort RS 185 is light weight, which means the pressure exerted is minimal. Moreover, it has velvet or velour fabric on the area that covers the ears to make it soft and easy to wear. It avoids sweating and covers ears just the right way.

Volume adjustment buttons

There are obvious discomfort factors if the volume buttons are not placed appropriately. With these headphones, the systematic design shows that the company has been there for long and learned the art of excellent headphone design quite well. The easy placement on just the right spots on the headphone along with on and off buttons makes it an easy to use wireless headphone.

Recharger cum stands for hanging

Talk about portability and neat designs in this age and the market would come rushing for it. This applies to RS 150 as well, the headphones come with a stand that also recharges the battery at the same time. Connectivity is basically through a base that is 3.5mm of analog input and stereo output.

Automatic volume booster

When watching movies almost everyone has gone through the experience of rushing for volume controls when a scene becomes quiet or loud in a seconds time and the speaker’s blast in the ear. For this, automatic level control (ALC) is one of the best features of RS 185 as it automatically adjusts the volume according to the sound speed and its need.

U2-360 degree

In order to experience a 360 degree surround sound effect, RS 185 is the best option that one can go for. Even the most minute details and sound effects become prominent in the headphone experience. It is surely quite distinguishable as compared to other headphones similar to it. High adventure scenes and actions films are best to watch with this.

Sennheiser RS185

One of the best!