Sony MDRRF985RK Review

Sony MDRRF985RKFM radio is an addiction for those who feel the surge of excitement when listening to a favorite song on the FM rather than on personal playlist. When amazing headphones that support wireless FM are gifted to such people, there is nothing better that could be asked for. One such headphone bought by some of the best makes of headphones is the Sony MDRRF985RK which is a Wireless RF Headphone that comes in Black color. Sleek design, excellent execution of a portable stand that even charges the built-in battery of the headphone while on stand by, the beans related to MDRRF985RK are spilled below.

Wireless range is up to 150 mm and it is great for those who simply cannot stick to one place. Either the job requires a lot of moving around or house chores can’t let the person sit on one stop, whatever be the case with these headphones handy any time and any sort of listening experience is possible. This particular make takes approximately 3.5 hours for full charging. And the playback without charging goes up to 25 hours, which turns to over a day. So even if split ups take place and no one takes it in a single go, the headphones give a quite long lasting performance.

Comfort in headphones is essential, so much so that without the added cushion layer with comfortable clothing over it and the adjustable headbands, no client would prefer buying a make unless the buyer is an amateur. The signal is transmitted over RF signal and there are 3 selectable channels on the radio along with 900 MHz radio frequency. Which is simple to state that radio lovers, as mentioned earlier too, would simply not want to miss out on this one.

The headphone recharge of transmitter base. It is portable, easy to carry around and extremely convenient for users to take advantage from. The quality of sound and input is great as compared to other headphones in the same price range. Many consumer reviews even state that Sony headphones are the best when it comes to sound quality and clarity.

The weight of these headphones is exceptionally light. Most love the fact that there is no weight, yet instant digital Dolby supportive surround sound system that makes the whole music and movie experience elevated to another level. No matter what place it may be, a busy subway or solitary spot, these headphones are bound to make the time matter and memorable with the quality of sound and the portability along with FM connection.

Long listening sessions are simply great with the comfort, battery life and weight of the headphones in particular point of view. According to many loyal Sony fans, this particular headphone model tops many others and it is significantly unfair to leave the product without trial as the experience is good enough to convince and make any music lover a fan of the gadget. It’s connectivity, range and its built-in rechargeable battery, all in all, is a treat for those who seek entertainment at all times without interruption.


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