Sennheiser RS 170/175 Review – Headphone with Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound

Sennheiser RS170/175If looking for headphones that can cater to a small group of party or friends, as small as 4 people, then the best option os RS 170 Sennheiser make which ones in wireless range and is known for its dynamic bass and surround sound. With dynamic being used in the product feature name, it is merely not restricted to the label, in actual the experience of listening through the RS 170 is dynamic. It booms right out to make the sound seem just as real happening or more appropriately a home theatre system experience.

Though one of the features of this headphone must be considered before making the decision, it is not as wireless as one would want to use it. Connectivity of the RS 170 is limited to one analog which basically means that after connecting to one device the user would have to stay around the place and the concept of going wireless seems all hiccuped.

However, read on to find out the other advantages that are bound to overshadow this little glitch:

Extended playtime, greater than most brands and models

Where many brands are known to provide a playtime of about 7 hours or more, this one namely the Sennheiser RS 170 gives a playtime of up to 24 hours as claimed by the company. Now that comes exceptional battery life and who would not want to get hands-on playtime without the hassle of charging time and again.

Kleer’s digital wireless audio transmission

The headphones are supported by the Kleer’s digital wireless audio transmission that provides a range of up to 80m and even gives connection of up to 4 further headphones. That is not all, the experience of watching movies or listening to music with a group of friends who are on the same page is just another fun factor of these headphones.

Switchable modes according to need

The modes that are given can be switched from one to the other, may it be Dynamic or Surround Sound. Often the need varies according to the type of music or sound that is present in a video. To suit the range only a button needs to be pushed and the automatic configuration sets the need according to the preference. So be it a thundering sound or a soft, mellow bass that needs to be felt with the deepest chord of the sense of sound, this particular headphone is designed to cater to the need of all.

Circumaural design is perfect for comfort and sound blockage

The design of the headphone, basically the circumaural design adds on to the comfort of it and even makes it a great way to block extra sounds. As sound leakage is also avoided with the design, so whoever’s sleeping, reading or engaged in any other activity would not be affected by the sound at all. The comfort of added cushions and comfortable cloth is a luxury of this headphone which makes the 24 hours battery life worth the wearing time.

Sennheiser RS 175

Sennheiser as always - great choice!