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Sennheiser RS195 Review – The Best for TV!

Sennheiser RS195

Life is full of amazing sounds. However, as years go by, it is only natural for our hearing abilities to be diminished or even impaired in some way. Moreover, because of continuous exposure to external noises, it is common for many people to find it difficult to get proper sound quality from their media centers.

Finding the right hearing and audio appliance may take time and dedication. What is more, many would seem to feel that their quest is a waste of time. Because this task may turn out to be extremely challenging if not faced with the proper knowledge, potential shoppers will find this review extremely useful.

The best headphone on the market!

The Sennheiser RS 195 RS Wireless Headphone System has been presented as being the ultimate personal hearing and audio companion, the sort of device that will allow users to experience the optimal sound quality and unique comfort.

Innovative Technology Made Simple

One of this product’s greatest assets comes hand in hand with the latest technological developments. Endowed with many of the recent innovations in matters of sound quality, accessibility, and digital technology, this wireless headphones system makes use of all the resources available on the audio market.

This is a circum-aural headphone system equipped with an excellent digital audio transmission. In addition, because of the many sound features offered in the RS 195, users can finally get the clearest sound ever. For example, clearer dialogues and superior speech intelligibility can be achieved thanks to thanks to certain selectable boost presents, plus an additional noise suppression system that allows for superior sound precision.

However, unlike similar gadgets that offer fancy alternatives that are too complex to handle, this model allows for optimal user simplicity, thus enabling customers to enjoy their new ap0pliane without fussing over usability or hard-to-read users’ manuals.

Learn more about this product and its advantages here:

Sennheiser RS195

The Best wireless headphone on the market!

Optimal Accessibility

Another reason why so many people are turning to the Sennheiser RS 195 is the sound system’s multiple connectivity capacities, which allows for input optimization explained by the presence of a multipurpose transmitter that supports both digital and analog inputs.

Additionally, the Automatic and Manual Level Control also serves functions, such as “easy-charge” cradle, as well as a docking station for the headphones. Finally, packed with a far-reaching digital wireless audio transmission delivering range up to 328ft/100mt, the RS 195 is an efficient connective device that can be used either when watching TV or listening to music. Moreover, users can now begin to enjoy all their audio-related entertainment in a highly positive way. Thanks to these types of devices, it is now possible to move from one room to another without missing a word or a beat.

The Sennheiser RS 195 RS Wireless Headphone System Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.9 x 11.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Can be requested from manufacturer
  • Compatible with all audio and video devices that have an optical digital (Toslink) or analog audio output.
  • Effective compatibility with all slight hearing difficulties
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
  • Equipped with a Speech enhancement device

What People are Saying

Most customers who have purchased this device, looking to optimize their slight hearing impairment feel fully satisfied with the purchase. A large percentage in this group agrees that since they have started using these headphones, their overall film-watching or music-listening experience has been improved greatly.

In addition, many users have also made comments regarding the product’s ease of use. A large number insists that putting up the whole equipment is a simple matter really and that the task can be effectively done just with the help of the users’ manual and a little imagination. In fact, most people say that it can be put up for a few minutes and that operating the sound and adjusting settings are very simple matters, too.

A highly valued feature refers to the headphone’s usability. Since these phones have all the switches on them, they can be operated without going to the place where the actual equipment is installed.

On a less happy note, a handful of reviewers have expressed their concerns over the device’s lack of compatibility with Bluetooth technology. Even when this would seem to be a major drawback, according to many other users’ experiences, this fault is truly a minor one, since connectivity is ensured by several other channels and means.

Final Conclusion

In all, the Sennheiser RS195 makes an optimal choice for those customers who are looking for a way to combine a higher sound quality with an extra hand, one that will allow for an improved hearing experienced for people of all ages.

Well-developed and highly technological, this device makes the perfect buy for the audio sensitive shopper who is looking for quality. Find out more here:

Sennheiser RS195

The Best wireless headphone on the market!

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