Small Complete Guide: Earphones

All you need to know about the design and types of earbuds, but you are afraid to ask.

For anyone, it should not be a surprise that smartphones do not have to rely on smartphones, so soon after buying it, you should start looking for some good handsets right away.

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Because of their specific characteristics, earbuds are used in situations where the use of headphones is associated with a lack of comfort or is not perceived as a manifestation of good education. But before we move on to the subject of this article, let’s find out exactly what we mean by earbuds. According to us, this term should not refer to the so-called. Flea, ie models inserted exclusively into the outer ear of the ear – the first example of this group may be white earphones attached to the iPod. Devices with such a design are very poor at blocking the noise coming from the outside and are often built so that even with slight pulling of the cord, they tend to eject from the ear.

So what models can be called in-ear? The answer is simple – those that have been designed in a way that forces them to push them deeply into the ear canal, which is a popular dagger. These types of headphones are often equipped with special silicone or foam tips that seal the ear tightly and deliver the sound directly to the ear drum. Such a construction provides a high level of isolation from ambient noises and allows you to cut off from the sounds of the outside world, eg when driving in public transport. It is also worth to keep in mind that high-end danglers are also good at home and when hooked up to a headphone amplifier or hi-fi system they are able to deliver really decent sound.

The decision to buy earphones comes easily. The stairs start at the moment when we start to look at the deals and come to us that the leading manufacturers are heavily diversified and the price range of available models is huge.

We go shopping

Many of the buyers are asking themselves at this point: “Are plastic pieces different enough that you can not buy a universal model?” You do not have to be Sherlock to figure out the reasons behind such a rich market offer. Headphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, can use completely different types of transducers, and can (or does not) work with devices based on a particular operating system.

For example, cheaper models such as the Monster Clarity HD In-Ear have dynamic transducers that cover the entire frequency range. In much more expensive models like JAYS q-JAYS, you can find modern balanced armature converters, capable of extremely faithful reproduction of sounds from a specific part of the band. Representatives of the other two. These headphone groups often use several pairs of such transducers, which naturally improves sound quality, but also significantly increases the price of a particular product. Models with traditional dynamic converters cost much less and are slightly more durable, but they can not offer as detailed sound as their more expensive cousins.

When we buy any audio device, we pay the most attention to the quality of the sound it generates. In the case of headphones this factor is also of paramount importance and it should not surprise anyone if we write that before buying a particular model it would be best to go to the audio room and see for yourself the possibilities of the equipment. To do this, it is best to take a player with songs from the genres most often heard by us, because during the test listening process we will make sure that the headphones are doing well with our favorite music.

When purchasing such devices, pay attention to the battery life.

Let’s say someone loves to listen to dubstep and other species where the dominant element is the low tones. In this situation, you should look for headphones with a bandwidth range starting with the smallest value. A good example is the ATH-CKX9iS from Audio-Technica, which supports 5 to 25,000 Hz audio.

When it comes to bass, it is important to mention that in the case of studs, their quality is largely dependent on how close the ear plugs are in the ears. Among other things, for this reason, a large number of manufacturers sell their devices with a set of replaceable terminals. For most models they are made of silicone, but occasionally you can also find headphones with special foam tips that are able to adapt to the shape of the inner ear.

Proper size selection is important for three reasons. The first is the previously mentioned bass quality, the second is the comfort factor of everyday use. The third is that the choice of a good fit for the tip of the ear is of great importance in the topic of isolation from the noise that surrounds us.

What model to choose?

Good earphones do not have to cost a dime, because decent mid-price models can be purchased for an amount of $50-$60. Examples of products worth mentioning include the Yamaha EPH-R52 or Audio-Technica ATH-CKX9iS. The first one has a very compact design that allows you to pull the cord both above and below the ear. Inside the enclosure there are 8 millimeters of transducers, which, despite their small size, generate a very loud sound. The ATH-CKX9iS are slightly larger than the Yamaha headphones, have more than half the larger transducers and are equipped with hooks to secure the earpiece to the ear. The inexpensive Clarity HD In-Ear model from Monster is most interesting in the group of affordable handsets. At a price of $ 200, it costs less than the previous two models, but still offers outstanding sound quality, has a flat, non-tangled cord and is sold with a practical cover. Of course, each of these models also includes a built-in remote control cable that works with iOS and Android based devices.

Another group of intruding headphones are models that communicate with the audio equipment using Bluetooth technology. They are slightly more expensive than the aforementioned products, but offer much greater comfort, mainly due to the lack of tangling cables. When you buy such equipment, pay attention to the battery life – it is better to pay a bit more than to buy a model that discharges after three hours of listening.

Out of the Bluetooth headphones are good models such as Monster Clarity Mobile BT, Monster Roc SuperSlim or ATH-ANC40BT created by Audio-Technica. Clarity Mobile BT offers probably the best value for money in the market and at a price of $100 is very interesting equipment for people who want to have a good playing wireless headphones. Roc SuperSlim belong to a completely different price range (their price is $220), but it is due to a robust construction resistant to sweat and high levels of sound insulation. This model is designed for active lifestyle and has a very expressive design that Cristiano Ronaldo has helped with. The name of the football star is not needed to advertise the best wireless antennas our ATH-ANC40BT has to offer. Their magnificence is due to the fact that it is one of the few commercially available wireless headphones with active noise reduction technology. Add to that the exceptionally decent quality of the generated sound and the robust design, and we will get a model of interest to anyone who gets a twitch at the thought of having to fight the wires.

Models with dynamic converters cost much less.

If we do not have a limited budget, we may be tempted to buy a headset that, in addition to the sensational sound, can also boast of premium materials and state-of-the-art design. Among the high end endangered species is certainly the Grado GR10 model (price about $400), to which finishes used beautifully presented green copper. The GR10 also has excellent tips – they offer the user a high level of comfort, allowing you to forget that there are foreign bodies in your ears. For much less money you can buy the C5 S2 model from Bowers & Wilkins, considered one of the best earrings that a person who can listen to music and instruments. The strong side of this product is its ingenious design – the elastic cable in the shape of a small loop, which allows a very stable attachment of the earpiece, is derived from the plug housing.

The title of the best wireless headphones belongs to our JAYS q-JAYS model. Its price ($450) makes a great impression, but if one does not shrink before issuing such a sum of money, then the money will receive a lot of technological goodness and sound, which in vain to look at other such type of headphones. The power of q-JAYS lies in the fact that they are equipped with state-of-the-art balanced armature converters, which are responsible for faithfully reproducing sound from a specific frequency band. This model also has the ability to easily unscrew the cord and is sold with an extensive range of accessories including a tip pack and three remote control cables compatible with the three most popular operating systems.

Which model should I add to my shopping list?

The team that creates this portal is made up of people who have quite different musical tastes. We have a fan of heavy guitar playing, someone else enjoys quiet jazz, yet another can not withstand the daily dose of drum & bass. With that in mind, it was quite difficult for us to reach a consensus on the choice of headphones capable of offering the sound that best suited each of us. Ultimately, however, we have worked out a compromise, resulting in a fairly objective comparison of the best models in the three commonly agreed categories.


They are a great proposition for people who are relatively cheap to buy good handsets. This model offers a very loud sound with great bass and has a universal remote control that works with any smartphone.

WIRELESS | Audio-technica ATH-ANC40BT

The ATH-ANC40BT model is most interesting among earbuds communicating with a Bluetooth audio source. In addition to the well-tuned transducers, the Audio-Technica product has an integrated remote control and a rare Active Noise Canceling Headphones technology that can charge up to 8 hours on a charged battery.


The latest JAYS earbuds are one of the most advanced earphones in the world and the smallest available in-store model with interchangeable wires with built-in remote controls for various operating systems. The q-Jays housings include transducers capable of delivering 5 – 20,000 Hz audio.