Sony MDRDS6500 Review – Digital Surround Headphones

Sony MDR DS6500Masters in the field of innovation and brand equity need no introduction, however, even with the excellent goodwill attached, Sony MDRDS6500 is a make that needs to elaborate for potential buyers to know the worth and grab the digital surround headphones at the earliest. What makes sony products different from the lot is basically its design distinctiveness, originality, and an unspoken promise that the product would be worth the price paid for in term of quality, performance, and durability. One of the finest and longest operating range, Sony MDRDS6500 gives an approximate range of 100 meters. Not only this, it even supports the range with automatic identification.

From the many design features, one of the important elements that most users boost about is the comfort of this wireless headphone. Be it a workplace where its donned for instant removal when the boss steps in or the quiet time at night when rolling down through the wires and making a noise is a call for big trouble, these headphones are surely a saviour for all. The customized length adjustment makes the experience pleasant as any person can simply make it as good as made to fit.

Wifi signals also do not interrupt the listening experience through this headphone. As analysed by many specialists, it is by far one of the best headphones that do get any distortions or breakdowns in the midst of the listening experience when signals bother the whole process. The overall process of switching from analog to digital is also smooth without any latent delays that make any disruptions in between.

One of the most prominent features of this model by Sony includes 7.1ch virtual phones technology makes the sound effect come from deeper levels when seen on television or the PC. Which basically means that it seems as if the person is actually in the scenes where the sound is created rather than listening from a device or from a distant area. This almost real to life experience is excellent for movie lovers who literally feel part of the movie while watching different parts.

It also features a unique 3d listening experience, the effortless attachment, and its multi-channel source makes it easily accessible. The good battery charging time is up to 3 hours and after complete charging the play time without plug in is up to 20 hours. So uninterrupted play time that goes up to 20 hours makes the overall music and movie non stop back to back marathon. Been in the market for over 1 to 2 years, it has done considerably well due to the unique features, long battery life and excellent range that is accessed.

Available easily through leading online shopping websites and retail stores, some places stock low-quality identical headphones. These headphones can be identified with the packaging and the material used in the design. However, with renowned websites for selling the quality is assured and be it gaming, movies or speech any of it seems as good as real.

Sony MDRDS6500

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