SoundMAGIC ST30 and ST80 – modular sports headphones

SoundMAGIC offers two models with the symbols ST30 and ST80, the main feature is the ability to modify the exchangeable cable and the use of the bluetooth module. The BT module is identical in both models, and replacing it with a wired connection is simple and takes a few seconds. The manufacturer has used the Bluetooth module version 4.2 which allows one charge to listen to CD quality music for about 10 hours and talk for about 8 hours.

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The SoundMAGIC ST30 is a typical earbud earphone. SoundMAGIC ST80 is different in design because it is like a “fart” earphone with an ear piece that goes directly into the ear. Both solutions are very comfortable. However, they have an impact on the color of reproduced music. ST30 will play a full, heavy bass. The ST80 will play more spatially and with a clearer band. The low frequencies here will not run out, but they are definitely less.

Interchangeable wiring is fixed by means of screws to prevent accidental unplugging, which is not unimportant when practicing sport. The whole structure is solid. Components used to build both models are more durable than standard earphones. Individual elements are flexible. A high-quality anaerobic copper cable is additionally reinforced and protected with a cotton wrap which is very pleasant to the touch and gives the overall appearance of a non-trivial appearance.

Another important feature for both models is waterproof and IPX4 dustproof. Headphones are resistant to sweat, splash, rain, dust and dust. Included with the headphones are a high quality waterproof case that also protects against impact or crushing. The comprehensive set of Comply erasers and pens with the right choice will allow every user to enjoy listening to music in any condition. In addition, the set includes ear pads to increase the comfort of wearing headphones “behind the ear” even to people wearing glasses.

ST30 and ST80 headphones are compatible with all smartphones currently on the market. Both models are equipped with a remote control with a microphone to talk to your smartphone or computer. For connecting to a computer, use the appropriate adapter in the kit. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from using the Bluetooth version, which also provides full functionality.

High durability, water and dust resistance and great comfort during use make these headphones suitable for sports, globetrotters, and people in general use. SoundMAGIC did not forget about the sound too, so for many it could be a headset for everyday use. The sound is racial, full of flavors with low-going and well-controlled bass. Such play will satisfy even the most respected music lovers.