Technology behind Wireless TV headphones

If you like to watch TV at high volume, buy a wireless headset that works perfectly when you do not want to disturb the rest of your household. The wireless headphones for your TV will make you sit at a comfortable distance from your TV and see all the elements of the picture. The technology of wireless headphones is constantly being upgraded, so it is important to thoroughly analyze the market for the perfect equipment.

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Radio technology

Headphones connect to a special transmitter at the popular 2.4Ghz frequency. The quality of the offered sound is very good, but you have to be ready for noise and all kinds of interference at the moment when there are obstacles in the form of walls. In spite of everything, they will work perfectly when you want to hear the sound from a TV in another room.

They work just like a standard radio. Everything relies on the frequency that you need to set up in your headphones to be able to receive the sound. You will especially benefit from additional features such as turning off the sound when you remove headphones or reducing noise. This will improve the sound quality and will also reduce energy consumption. A special docking station will also be useful, thanks to which the handset will have its place where the batteries will be charged.


Headphones connecting to the TV via infrared bypass the distance. The technology used in their construction is susceptible to numerous interferences, so it is only possible to watch television comfortably with the help of other electronic objects near the transmitter. In practice, they are very rarely used.


Bluetooth is so modern technology that today it is able to guarantee both high sound quality and a good range of operation. Applications of this type of headphones are many. We can use them both when connected to a smartphone and a special transmitter plugged into the headphone jack of the TV. Bluetooth is a technology of the future, so a large number of manufacturers are using this technology to produce wireless products.

WI-FI module

With the WI-FI module the sound is transmitted digitally, so we are dealing with the best quality headphones. However, they are similarly affected by the problem of infrared devices – the susceptibility to interference. Problems can be felt especially when our handsets are very close to the router or other devices. The purchase of this type of headset is not recommended to residents of residential blocks, as a large number of routers and electronic devices may even prevent transmission of sound.


Due to a large amount of electronics contained directly in the headphones, they are large. Their characteristic feature is a large headband that may be problematic for some users. Particularly persistent can be head bending, because during this operation the headphones can fall, or even squeeze the head. Before purchasing, we recommend that you perform a thorough test, if possible.

Wireless headphones, unfortunately, are losing in competition with wired equivalents in terms of sound quality. Weak feelings are caused by the fact that wireless technology will never be as stable as wired technology. Therefore, wireless headsets for televisions are only recommended to people who do not care about the perfect sound quality.

In addition to the ability to transmit audio, wireless headphones are selected for one more feature – they can suppress ambient sound. This only applies to headphones that have a closed design that does not allow extra sound to come into our ears. Open models may offer better sound quality, but in everyday use we will not feel the difference between models of different designs.