Thomson headphones for seniors

Headphones are most often identified with young, active people. But in spite of circulating stereotypes, they are not the only users of this accessory. Also check: best wireless headphones for TV

Thomson has launched a specially designed handset for seniors. The devices stand out for sound quality and high comfort and ergonomics. These are features that are particularly appreciated by mature users. Thomson recommends headphones as TVs, but their sound will satisfy many music lovers.

The HED 3112 Proclass is a top-notch proposition. Elegant black headphones have 54 mm drivers for high quality sound. You can also use them for your HiFi set. What’s important, in conjunction with crystalline sound, is the comfort that provides soft shells and a special Auto Fit.

HED3011 HIFI TV is another Thomson offer for telemacs. The device has 40 mm transducers. Interesting solutions are mobile shells that match the shape of the head. The HED3011 HIFI TV is available in silver and black, and the gold plated 3.5 mm Jack plugs the handset for added elegance.

Complementing the offer for seniors are the black Thomson HED 2112 headphones with 40 mm diaphragms. The distinctive feature of the headphones is the additional volume control on the left and right ear. This solution should especially satisfy older users. Thanks to the soft headband and perfectly fitted ears, the earphones are very comfortable.

These models have a 5 meter cable, which gives users great freedom of movement. The headphones also come with a 3.5mm jack and a 6.35mm adapter. Thomson’s exclusive distributor in Poland is Hama.