Unique sports earphones from Samsung. Measure your heart rate!

Count the number of miles traveled, check your heart rate – new Samsung phones can be a hit.

We have already written about the launch of a new smartphone for active people, Samsung Gear Fit 2. It’s definitely a better watch than its predecessor, but to be honest, the world does not necessarily need another gadget to wear. If you agree with this thesis, you may be interested in the fact that Samsung has shown to the world today yet another much more interesting product created for athletes. You can also visit our guide: earbuds with wireless connection.

It’s called Gear IconX (no one really understands why) and will cost $ 199, which is $ 20 more expensive than the above mentioned smartwatch. Gear IconX is an earphone, each weighing only 6.3 grams. With them in our ears we hear how far we have gone, how fast we did, and how quickly our heart beats. There is also a coaching function that is meant to motivate us for even better times on every lap.

The sound (allegedly testing the handset from engadget.com) is reportedly very clean for such devices. Typically, in such devices, one handset connects to the phone and then transmits the sound to the other. However, Samsung chose a different solution in order not to lose quality due to the weaker connection of one handset to another. In Gear IconX, we really enjoy copying the same song on each handset – the trick is that with the right application, both start playing at the same time.

Headphones are good in the ear, even when we touch them to change a song (two “clicks” = next, three = previous) or volume (upward and downward). Long holding the finger on one of the headphones will put us in ambient mode, important for urban runners. We also hear what is happening around it so the probability of falling into something or someone falling.

One problem may be battery operation, which while listening to music will last less than 4 hours. If you add tracking to your workout and start receiving music from your phone, battery life is only 1.5 hours. This will definitely be a red flag for some people, but you have to admit that Gear IconX promises to be really interesting.