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Hands-free connectivity is becoming more and more important in this day and age. At the same time, it is becoming apparently clear that we need a more untethered hands-free experience- and this can be explained by the rise in the number of high sound quality, best wireless earbuds. In 2017 the race by manufacturers to create the best earbuds has meant that competition is now stiffer than ever. Searching the market today for a good pair of the best wireless earphones could leave you baffled on which brand to go for.

While there are several factors that will eventually determine your choices like design, functionality, and cost, it is important that you consider different brands before you can wholly settle for on. One thing though that the newer versions of cordless headphones provide quite well is sound quality. Powered by Bluetooth, many of the products in the market today provide high-quality stereo sound, and using advanced technology signal compression is enhanced for an even greater experience.

All wireless headphones for TV can be found here. And the top Bluetooth headsets you will find here.

So question is, which are the top wireless in-ear headphones in the market today to go for. Let us have a look at some of the top brands to go for:

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Best Overall: Jaybird X2 Sport – Our choice

(Check our review) With so many different earphones models around, it can be a real challenge to come across the exact product for each case. Fortunately, there is a premium Bluetooth audio set that seems to rise up to customers’ expectations, as far as quality and connectivity are concerned.

The Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Headphones– Midnight Black is presented as being the optimal outdoor music and remote call headphones available these days.

The JayBird X2 Bluetooth have a compact, lightweight design, fit securely, and sound good for Bluetooth headphones. They’re also sweat-resistant and have an inline remote and microphone for making calls.

Jaybird X2 Sport

The Best on the market - our choice!

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Best Runner-up: Motorola S11

When it comes to the best wireless earbuds, the Motorola S11 is the king of the crowd. These in-ear headphones are designed and stand in a league of their own. The S11 is the combination of finesse in functionality, design, convenience and versatility. Offering high-quality playback at the same time letting you receive and make calls, it is not a wonder why the S11 is already being reviewed as one of the best, award-winning headphones in the market today.

Motorola’s S11 Bluetooth frequency reaches up to 150 feet. Some of other great features about this headset is the fact that it has a really good battery life compared to other Bluetooth earbuds brands in the market. A short 5-minute charge of the empty battery easily offers you about an hour of playback and use. The fact that it is also extremely light and its rugged design makes it impervious to abuse- and is, therefore, a long-lasting pair of ear-bud headsets. The greatest thing about the S11 headsets is the price. These are some of the most affordable, high-quality audio products in the market today.

Motorola S11

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Best Sound Quality: Denon AH

Denon AH are another great set of wireless earphones that offer exemplary quality and indescribable comfort. This wireless model comes into different models, the W200 and the W150; and each is designed for specific people. The W150 is for people who work out often while the W200 is for the hip businessman. Both of these Denon best Bluetooth headphones have a long battery life- but the W150 lasts a bit longer than on the W200.

When it comes to sound, the Denon AH wireless headphones offer the best in sound quality. Employing the best in compressed sound technology that improves Bluetooth frequencies, Denon AH pumps and well defines frequencies that are beyond human hearing. The result is extremely high-quality audio- which offers you the opportunity to phenomenally listen to both high and low frequencies in music. That combined with an out of this world battery life, most certainly place Denon AH radio headset amongst the best buds in the market today. Another great aspect about these wireless earphones is that they are exceptionally affordable.

For the best in wireless sound quality, these are the top gun products to go for, that is the way people call them the best earbuds. While there are plenty of products in the market today, finding brands that offer as much as these do will be rather hard. Nonetheless, it does not mean that there aren’t any better products out there. To find out more about the top in-ear headphones in the market today, the Internet is the place to go to. You also may have the chance to finding some of the best cordless products at great deals and discounts.

Denon AH W150 & W200

Check one of the best earbuds on the market!

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Top 10 Wireless Earphones – full listing

FeaturesEditor's score
Jaybird X2 Sport

Jaybird X2 Sport

The JayBird X2 Bluetooth have a compact, lightweight design, fit securely, and sound good for Bluetooth headphones. They’re also sweat-resistant and have an inline remote and microphone for making calls.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
Motorola S11

Motorola S11

The Motorola S11-Flex HD is light-weight, wireless, sweat resistant, and also includes plenty of ways to adjust its fit. The wire free headphones charge quickly. Very comfortable, behind the neck so they don’t fall out, sudio quality is great, controls are easy to use.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
Denon AH

Denon AH

The Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak are a pleasant surprise; they produce superior quality sound with lots of bass, and also have a battery which will last about 6 hours even if turned up to their highest volume. While they’re created for workout fanatics, the best earbuds prove ideal for daily use too.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
BlueAnt Pump

BlueAnt Pump

The BlueAnt Pump headphones are really a durable wireless sports headphone which has a water-resistant design and also fits very safely inside your ears as well as on your head. It provides wireless streaming from around 100 feet away.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
Outdoor Tech OT1000

Outdoor Tech OT1000

These wireless earphones are perfect for gym workouts. , they’re very comfy. Being Bluetooth, you can adjust them really nicely plus they come with 3 various sizes of in-ear attachments for fitting. They’re fast and easy the set paired with any BT transmitter. Together with that, the control keys are very well organized and it feels like a very high-quality product. And also, the sound is very good.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com


It’s very easy to celebrate two great things combined into one. Introducing the brand new J46BT headphones, JBL’s response for those looking for a top quality, lightweight headphones which have the benefit of a Bluetooth earbuds 4.0 device. The J46BT’s 3-button remote control will give you the flexibility you’ll need for easily switching between music listening, calling, and then back to music listening again – all with the simple press of a button.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
MEElectronics EP-X7-RDBK-MEE

MEElectronics EP-X7-RDBK-MEE

High-quality stereo headphones created for your active life-style Dynamic sound along with improved bass to keep you motivated Over-the-ear fit with memory cable feels safe and secure for every activity Mic and controls for cell phone calls, music, and volume Noise isolating in-ear design minimizes background noise Six sets of ear tips for the best fit and comfort
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
Avantree AS8Q Neckband

Avantree AS8Q Neckband

Bluetooth stereo in-ear headphones isolate outside noise and designed for superior audio quality; 3 pairs of greatest ear gels for optimum relaxation fit. Up to 6 hours play time, 5 days standby time; lightweight and slender (18g), compact size, simple to take.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
LG Tone+

LG Tone+

The LG Tone Ultra HBS is really a Bluetooth stereo headset that improves on the design of the previous Tone models and is comfortable to wear. Additionally, it provides much better sound (a lot more bass, greater clarity) and also a really good life of the battery, specially when you switch the noise-canceling off.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
Plantronics BackBeat GO 2

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2

The light-weight, affordable Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 stereo system headset improves upon the Go 1, with much better audio quality along with a sweatproof design, The step-up BackBeat Go 2 + Charging Case includes a protective case which has a built-in battery for charging on the move.
Price & Reviews Amazon.com
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Buyer’s Guide

In the recent period, earbuds have become a crucial accessory used not only by MP3 player fans and similar devices but also for different types of electronic devices. A pair of good earphones will let the user enjoy a memorable audio experience in a completely private and isolated environment regardless of the noise around them. Of course, this also means that the sounds and music they are listening to won’t disturb anyone around the listeners.

Back in the 1970s, people had only one option – to use headphones and even though these accessories are still used today, the fact is those best earbuds provide some benefits that headphones don’t have. For example, they are much smaller, less visible and significantly lighter compared to headphones and this is one of the reasons why they are usually able to provide a greater comfort to the user. Needless to say, they are also usually more affordable compared to massive headsets. Today, there are many different kinds of them available in the market. They are compatible with a wide range of devices and they meet and exceed the expectations of modern listeners.

They are becoming more and more popular these days and it seems that there is more than one good reason for that. These special headphones don’t require a wired connection to the device (smartphone, MP3 player, tablet etc.). In other words, the wires cannot get in your way and limit your mobility. We should keep in mind that wireless earphones have a certain range and most of them send a weaker signal when they are taken far from the electronic device.

Now that we have highlighted the advantages of using wireless earbuds, it is the right time to present the buyer’s guide that will help you choose the best one. Don’t forget that every individual is different and has different needs. By learning more about the characteristics and typical features of modern wireless headphones, you should be able to make a sound decision.

A Detailed Guide

The list of things that you should take into consideration when buying wireless headsets is long, but it definitely pays off to get informed before buying a pair. In this way, you will save both time and money.

Different types

According to some sources, the first headphones were introduced in 2002, that’s 15 years ago. Given that modern technology is making tremendous progress in the last few years, it is no surprise that there is more than one type of them available today.

The fact is that there are basically three kinds of wireless earphones and they can be separated into two distinctive categories. The first ones rely on an independent transmitter while the second doesn’t need such transmitter.

Radio frequency infrared in-ear headphones belong to the first category. If we take a look at the sales, we can freely say that these gadgets are becoming rare these days, but there are still new models based on this technology. Infrared is a technology that we usually see in remote controllers used for TVs and audio systems. Even though they work fine, they require an uninterrupted line of sight between the transmitter and the headphones in order to work properly. In other words, they are limited by the angle and distance and they are not really good for active people and those looking for extra mobility which is one of the reasons why people are opting for Bluetooth headset in the first place.

On the other hand, radio frequency technology is much better. Top wireless earphones that rely on radio frequency (and there are many different models made by popular brands) can work perfectly fine even at a range of 150 feet. On top of that, the audio signal can go through walls which make them ideal for TV and home stereo use. Don’t forget that interference occurs and increases with distance. If there are other wireless devices that rely on the same range they can also cause additional interference. Many experts point out that security is a serious issue when it comes to radio frequency. People that need earphones for communication should take this into consideration.

Those looking for headphones gadgets without a transmitter can opt for Bluetooth headphones. Most users will agree that this option is the best at least when it comes to general use. If you want to use Bluetooth-based earbuds you must have a source device that supports this technology too. So, your laptop, computer, TV, tablet or phone must have Bluetooth, but this won’t be a problem because most electronic devices of this kind today have Bluetooth. It’s also worth mentioning that there are different versions of Bluetooth, so it is better to find matching earphones for your device’s Bluetooth version. Officially, Bluetooth comes with a range of about ten meters or 32 feet.

Know exactly how and what you will use them for

Once you decide what kind of headphones you want, you should focus on the type of sound that these gadgets can provide. There is a reason why most models have specific sound-related marks in their names like emphasizing the type of bass you can expect. For example, some people like to listen to clean and smooth highs while others are more focused on the details. In addition, many users want to listen to powerful bass while others want accuracy. So, it is crucial to understand what exactly you like. Check the wireless earbuds of your friends or colleague and see how they suit you in terms of sound effects. Don’t forget that different individuals possess different sound tastes.

What kind of device are you going to use?

As previously mentioned, these Bluetooth earbuds can be used with a wide range of devices. In some cases, people use them to listen to music on their laptop or desktop computer. In other cases, users use a portable Mp3 or another music player. The truth is that both laptop and desktop onboard audio today are much better. This is the reason why some people are satisfied with their performance and don’t want anything else. In any case, we should point out that a bad and inadequate audio source can affect the audio quality of best earbuds.

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Think about the comfort

It is difficult to listen to good music for a long time in case your small headphones are causing pain to your ears or if they are simply falling out all the time. Additionally, if you are able to keep them inside your ears for a short period of time before you have to place them again, this is a huge disadvantage too. The good news is that there are many different tips that can be placed directly to the headphones. Remember that not every earbud comes with tips and some of them are not designed to accept these tips. Those that don’t accept tips are usually made of plastic and they are usually cheaper. Earbuds made of plastic can be comfortable too, but it depends on the user. Some people complain that they are bringing discomfort after some period of time. When looking for the best wireless earphones, you should ensure that they can accept so-called ear tips. In this way, you can avoid these unpleasant situations. At the same time, you can make sure that they will stay in your ears and that you can listen to your favorite music for hours if you want to.


Just like any other device you use, wireless earbuds require regular maintenance. In fact, they need special care because after all, you are placing them directly in the ears. So, when buying equipment like this you should take cleaning into account. It turns out that not all of them are simple to clean. One common problem is earwax accumulation which will eventually ruin the sound. Check the driver ends and see whether they can be cleaned or not. Obviously, you should opt for the ones that provide easy access.

The way you wear

Now here’s another important question that you should answer before buying a pair of these useful gadgets – how you wear them? The most common ones are that users stick directly to their ears. However, there are few other types that you might find to be even more attractive. For instance, there are gadgets like this that are placed on the earlobes. There are also earbuds that sit on the neck or even ones that can deliver sound through the bones directly to the inner ear. Read some reviews and try some of them before making your final decision.

Battery life

Since they don’t have a wire to provide power, they come with batteries. When buying a pair of earbuds, check the type of battery they have. Of course, you should also read the manufacturer’s description. There is a huge number like this that can work for 8 hours or even longer before recharging. While we are talking about this, check the way they are recharged. Can they be recharged with a USB cable placed on any device? This is probably the best option you have. Some models come with special chargers which mean that you should take special care of the charger because in case something goes wrong you’ll have to buy a new one.


The price should not be the primary factor that determines your final decision about the pair of earbuds you will choose. Of course, the wireless ones are not an exception. Generally speaking, the costlier earbuds you choose the better sound and construction you can expect. So, a pair of earphones that cost $20 might provide a good sound, but they probably won’t provide the same features and sound like the ones that cost $40. There are models that cost over $100 and most of them provide impressive sound. Paying $10 should be your minimum even though there are a few models under $10 that can serve well. After all, it all depends on what you are expecting from them and what you will use them for. In addition, most people agree that the ones designed and made by popular brands are the best ones and that you should not try your luck with unknown brands that are providing incredibly cheap models.

Sound isolation

Sound isolation is all about stopping outside from interrupting your listening experience. But, it’s good to know that sound isolation works the other way around too. This means that people around you won’t be able to hear what you are listening too even if you have turned the volume to the maximum. If you are listening to music when the volume is to the maximum all the time because the sounds around you are causing a distraction, you will also drain your battery quickly too.

They are providing an excellent level of sound isolation, but there are some of them that come with a special design which provides extra isolation. These characteristics are usually highlighted in the description of the product, so be careful.

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The way your earbuds fit your ears is another important factor in this process. Every future user must be sure that they will fit properly. This is important not just for the sound isolation, but also for the comfort. As you are probably aware, different people have a different shape of ears which means that it is extremely difficult to create in-ear headphones that will fit everyone perfectly. Since it’s impossible to check every earbud and see whether they fit you well, especially when you are trying to buy a pair over the Internet, it would be best to learn more about the different ways in which earbuds fit into the ear.

For starters, there are solid plastic earphones that come without tip. They are obviously the cheapest and in most cases, they are available with standard MP3 players. Truth be told, they are usually not very comfortable and come with a simple round shape which is not comfortable for most people. This is the main reason why experienced people are looking for a good pair of earbuds right after they buy an audio player.

Next, there are foam tips that are compressed a little bit before they are placed in the ears. When they are inside your ear, they will expand and make a good seal. The only downside is that these tips are hard to maintain and don’t allow good air flow. A good alternative is to use soft rubber tips. They fit much better in most ears. On top of that, the tips made of rubber come in various shapes. Most of them are way rounder which makes them perfect for most ears. There are also pointed soft rubber tips that are able to penetrate the ear deeply and provide good sound isolation. Finally, these soft rubber tips are available in different sizes so almost every person can find the right fit for them.

There are also so-called ear canal headphones. They are made with fitting inside the ear canal in mind. In this way, they seal the ear canal in a better way, stopping the ambient noise. However, it’s good to know that many users dislike the feel that they provide. There is a constant feeling that something is stuck deep inside your ear canal and for many people, this is not pleasant. So, if you are planning on buying a pair like this, take this into consideration.

Important features

Modern headsets come with a myriad of features. Not all of these features are equally important to all users and some of the features found in modern models are not very practical and they are here just to make one model different than the others. There are a few features that prospective buyers should take into account when buying wireless earphones. We have already mentioned one of them, sound isolation, and we will now focus on few other features.

There are many wireless earphones that have a wide stereo stage. This is one of the basic features of quality headphones. The wide stereo stage allows separation between instruments that sounds better. With a pair like this, you can expect to feel a wider track which allows the music to get enough space and boosts listening experience and pleasure.
Another feature that is worth mentioning is standard sound. In case you like to listen to music that sounds exactly like the producer wanted to sound, you will need a flat frequency response. In case you are a fan of powerful bass then you should probably look for another solution. The good news is that there are many brand names that have headphones that can increase bass frequencies.

Furthermore, we should not forget that Bluetooth need recharging and buying a pair of fast charging earphones like this will certainly make your life easier especially if you are planning on using them every day. So, with this feature, you can expect to recharge them in less than one hour which we can all agree is a short period of time. As we said modern headphones without wires are usually charged via USB cable, so you can recharge them literally everywhere. For the best results, use the original charger that you’ll get with the device.

Finally, think about the fatigue. There are many buds that come with natural and smooth sound that people can listen as long as they want. But, there are also gadgets that are not so smooth when it comes to the mids and highs, so you can’t expect to use them for many hours without taking a break.

Where will you use them?

There are a few common situations in which people use wireless earphones and based on these situations you might be able to find the perfect pair for you.

First and foremost, you might be looking for a pair that you will use at home. In a situation like this, you should be more focused on the features the product has related to home stereos and desktop/laptop computer because you probably won’t use an MP3 player at home. Next, there are many people who use such products without wires when they are traveling. Generally, people who travel a lot need to eliminate outside noise and distractions. So, good noise cancellation and travel comfort features are a must.

Next, more and more people are using these small devices to complement their exercise routine. It is obvious that this is an activity that requires a lot of movement which makes the secure fit a top priority. We can all agree that exercising while putting back the best earbuds in the ears, again and again, is not fun. There are specially designed earphones for this purpose.

In the end, let’s mention that some people are using wireless technology to make a fashion statement. Popular brand names are well-aware of this fact and they are doing their best to make a balance between performance and appearance. Yet, there are some models that look amazing. They have a modern design that can complement almost any lifestyle and show the world that you are an individual that is following the latest trends. Some of these models can be quite expensive so be prepared for something like this.

The best place to buy wireless earphones

According to many experts in this field and passionate listeners, buying wireless headset is your best option. While it is true that there are some great brick and mortar stores out here, none of them can compare to a good online store like Amazon focused on audio equipment. These stores have dozens if not hundreds of models of wireless earbuds and other similar pieces of audio equipment. In addition, you can buy these products from the comfort of your home at any time of the day or night. Needless to say, these online stores often provide discounts and special promotions which mean that you can save some money too.

We hope that this guide will help you make the right choice.

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